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before and after: my bed

I finally have a bed with an upholstered headboard! I’ve always wanted one, but when I was moving out of my furnished dorm room in college and into an apartment with a friend, IKEA had just discontinued the upholstered bed they had back then. So I went with the four-poster (which has just been discontinued a few months ago) since I liked it and thought it would be so awesome to sleep in it.

Well, I was a little disappointed. The four-poster was not what I had imagined and I kinda didn’t really like it. But I only lived in that apartment, and therefore with the bed, for about 6 months, then had to move back in with my parents and stored the bed in their garage until a year ago, when I finally moved into my own apartment here in Hannover. I had other things to do in my apartment first, but now I finally got rid of the posts and “built” an upholstered headboard!

When I had just moved in, the bed still looked like this…

I also didn’t have curtains, or pictures on the walls.

About 2 weeks ago, I finally cut off the posts, which left the bed looking like this:

So. On tuesday I took home some leftover particle board from work. There’s always a lot left that is free for customers to take home. I had it cut to size at work; I needed a big piece, 2 small, thin ones, and one long, thin one.

Here’s a last before picture of the old headboard.

I originally wanted the headboard to be 70cm high, but the scrap boards were only 60cm wide. I didn’t mind, cause 10cm is really not that much. But once I put the big piece in place I was glad about those missing 10cm, since I now think it would have been too big.

I just screwed it into the old headboard on both sides.

Then I attached angle brackets on the two small pieces…

…to attach them to the sides of the big piece and make the sides of the old headboard/posts the same height as the big piece. Makes more sense when you see it:

Using the same technique, I attached the long thin piece on top of it all. You can just about see it here:

And then it was time for what I thought was gonna be the fun part:

Stapling! Instead of batting, I bought a comforter in the as-is section. It’s not a down comforter, and the filling is pretty much the same as batting, but this was a cheaper option.

I started by stapling a long side to the bottom of the headboard.

Since the comforter was wide enough, I folded it over and stapled the other long side to the bottom of the headboard, too.

It was a little complicated, since the fold would fall on me, but I eventually figured out that I had to work in stages of stapling on the bottom and then pulling the fold tight on top and staple there, too.

As you can see, the top part is not smooth. It’s a little bumpy, which I thought wouldn’t be a problem once I covered it with fabric.

Well, it’s still a little bumpy. I don’t have any progress shots of attaching the fabric, but I pretty much did the same thing as I did with the comforter. Maybe I should have pulled tighter on top the get rid of the bumps, but it doesn’t bother me all that much.

So, here’s what my bed looks like now:

And I really, really love it! I’ve slept in it 2 nights now, and I slept so good! You wouldn’t think that a headboard makes any difference in how you sleep, but somehow it does!

Am I done with it, though? Nah. I’ll take the fabric off and wash it, then try dying it with black tea. I’ve seen it somewhere, and I like that it doesn’t really dye the fabric, but rather make it look a little warmer. And then I think I’ll attach another comforter to make it plusher, and instead of stapling the fabric to it again I’ll sew a removable cover that I’ll attach with velcro. That way it’s easy to remove if I want to wash it. Oh, and I think I need some bigger art above the bed, or add to the collage.

But so far, so good! Even though I’m not done yet I’m super happy and in love with my new headboard!


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so far so good

Things always get worse before they get better, right? At least that was the case with my living room. Last time I posted about it, I had just sold my tall bookcase and spread everything that used to be in it all over my living room.

I thought this was bad, but it got worse when I painted the wall on saturday…

I moved the smaller Besta and the Expedit away from the wall and had to roll up the rug a bit for everything to fit. It was not pretty… But I got the painting done, and even though I did it on saturday night with really bad lighting, it turned out good. Then on sunday I emptied out the Expedit. I moved the Expedit to the hall and everything that was in it just got piled up in the living room. There’s no pictures of that, but in order to sit on the couch you kinda had to jump over things.

On monday my friend and I went to the home improvement store to buy wood boards, brackets, anchors, and screws. And 100€ and a few hours of work later, here’s my living room now:

Even though the shelves are about the same depth as the Expedit was, the room feels so much bigger!

I’ll hang some frames back on the wall, but I also want to get something big and just lean it against the wall. I’ll also get Kassett-boxes for my CDs and some more magazine files, though I’ll keep most of them stacked on the floor. And I want to get a big basket or fabric box for the games, as they make it all look kinda busy.

But I absolutely love my new wall of shelves and am so happy with it!

In other so-far-so-good news, here’s what my bedroom looks like after I cut off the posts:

The bed looks bigger to me without the posts, and while I thought there might be the slight chance that I might regret cutting off the posts, I absolutely don’t! And not just because I can finally open the window all the way :D

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it’s happening…

I showed you a glimpse of my bedroom a while ago.

I’ve since added curtains and pictures and switched out my bedside lamp, but for the longest time I’ve wanted to get rid of the bed posts and build a bigger, upholstered headboard. You know, pretty much exactly like Young House Love just did.

Well. This happened yesterday…

I borrowed this saw from work, and in less than 5 minutes I had removed all 4 posts! They all look like this now, except I sanded them a little and vacuumed.

This was so much easier than I expected! I don’t know when I’ll make the headboard, but I absolutely can’t wait for that!

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the balcony

After seeing nothing but rain for what feels like the last 4 weeks, summer decided to return on monday. And I can finally enjoy my balcony!

When I moved in last June, it looked like this…

Pretty bare. Here’s today:

Pretty stuffed :D I honestly didn’t expect the tomatoes to get that big. But I can still sit at the table and enjoy dinner, or move the table and folding chairs aside and lounge on the reclining chairs.

I just recently added the Grundtal shelves to the dividing wall. Best balcony-decision ever!

Aside from lantern and plants I keep some tiny gardening tools and some fertilizer up there. I gotta admit that I forgot what’s in the plastic bag in the bucket… maybe I should check :D

I placed the lower shelf just high enough for the reclining chairs to fit under it.

I also keep a bag of soil, my electric grill and some spare planting pots under it. And there’s a small side table that I can bring out if I need it.

Here’s the other side before…

Not much to call home about. I put two olive trees and a potted lavender and hosta in that corner a year ago. I’ve since added a few flowers…

I often light the hanging lanterns when it gets dark, and since I don’t put the roller shade in my bedroom all the way down, I can lie in bed and see the lights. So pretty! I only wish I could find another spot for the drying racks, but since I dry my laundry on the balcony when the weather allows it’s pretty convenient to keep them out here.

Here are the tomatoes again. I thought I had killed them, because instead of clipping what my mom told me to clip, I accidentally cut off the main stems… Luckily, and completely unexpected, the tomatoes decided to just grow new ones, so they’re pretty big now and close to having tomatoes!

The carrots, however, really did die when I transplanted them… oh well. For my first-ever attempt at growing vegetables this is pretty good, I think.

And the rose that I was afraid had died also made a comeback!

They’re so pretty! Really small blooms, and the softest pink color. They look more orange here than they really are.

The agapanthus has also started to bloom.

And the balloon flowers that survived winter, but I didn’t know what colors they would be?

They’re all white! Perfect!

So, I love my balcony! There are a few things I wish it had, like more wall space (there’s just the dividing wall, the rest is window) or more space, period, but I love having an outdoor space to enjoy the sun! I’m just starting to worry where I’m gonna put all the flowers during winter…


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