so far so good

Things always get worse before they get better, right? At least that was the case with my living room. Last time I posted about it, I had just sold my tall bookcase and spread everything that used to be in it all over my living room.

I thought this was bad, but it got worse when I painted the wall on Saturday…

I moved the smaller BESTÅ and the EXPEDIT away from the wall and had to roll up the rug a bit for everything to fit. It was not pretty… But I got the painting done, and even though I did it on Saturday night with really bad lighting, it turned out good. Then on Sunday I emptied out the EXPEDIT. I moved it to the hall and everything that was in it just got piled up in the living room. There’s no pictures of that, but in order to sit on the couch you kinda had to jump over things.

On Monday my friend and I went to the home improvement store to buy wood boards, brackets, anchors, and screws. And 100€ and a few hours of work later, here’s my living room now:

Even though the shelves are about the same depth as the EXPEDIT was, the room feels so much bigger now!

I’ll hang some frames back on the wall, but I also want to get something big and just lean it against the wall. I’ll also get KASSETT-boxes for my CDs and some more magazine files, though I’ll keep most of them stacked on the floor. And I want to get a big basket or fabric box for the games, as they make it all look kinda busy.

But I absolutely love my new wall of shelves and am so happy with it!

In other so-far-so-good news, here’s what my bedroom looks like after I cut off the posts:

The bed looks bigger to me without the posts, and while I thought there might be the slight chance that I might regret cutting off the posts, I absolutely don’t! And not just because I can finally open the window all the way :D


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