lazy monday

Is there anything better than not having to go to work on a Monday?

Yesterday we celebrated my grandpa’s oldest brother’s 90th birthday, and I didn’t know how late it would get and since it included a 90 minute drive I took today off from work. I got home at around 7pm last night, which was not as late as I expected, but it was still so nice to sleep in today! I’ve been wearing leggings and a hoodie all day, watched TV on the couch (there really is nothing on TV during the day!) and just chilled.

Oh, and I made cookies!

I’ll take them to work with me tomorrow. I wanted to make some last week, but when I was about to get started I noticed that I had run out of flour (never thought that would happen…). And since I was already in my pj’s I couldn’t go to the store and so I put it off.

Hope you had a nice Monday, too! Only 4 more days till the weekend…


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