for me

So, I once sewed 2 patchwork quilts for my cousin’s twin boys, back in 2010. I haven’t done much sewing lately, but had bought a couple fat quarters when visiting the fabric market. I finally bought some fleece fabric and started cutting fabric squares for a quilt that’s gonna be for me!

The fabric in the “center” is a light mint with tiny white polka dots. I’m going for a girly, pink-and-mint, theme here. I’m also gonna use some leftover fabric from the other quilts that happens to be the same as the mint polka-dotted one, only in beige.

I used it for binding last time, but this time I’m gonna do things a little differently. I’ll only do 2 layers: The patchwork top layer, and the fleece on the back. I’ll sew them kinda like a pillow case; put them right sides together, sew around, leaving an opening for turning, then sewing around it again after turning it right sides out, then “quilting” it. I’m too lazy for binding, and I also don’t want it to be super thick, so a soft fleece seemed like a good choice for the back.

After cutting all my fat quarters I finally did some math and found out that the 235 squares that I already have are by far not enough: I need 450! So in addition to the beige polka-dotted fabric and the extra I have of the paisley, I think I’ll need to buy some more fabric. I’m thinking something gray, as the fleece is gray, but I haven’t decided on anything.

This will definitely be a multi-weekend project! Speaking of weekend, how was yours?


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