I’m sorry I didn’t post on Friday or Monday, but I was way too tired. On Monday I helped a friend move by driving her and her pet rabbits to the new apartment. Turns out, I’m still super allergic to rabbits! My voice turned all weird and my throat was itching and my nose running, but that all quickly got better after I took two allergy pills. The downside to that is that they completely wiped me out! I could barely keep my eyes open and was still super tired yesterday.

I don’t have a lot today, but what I have is pictures of my green thumb in full effect. I might have acidentally killed my tomatoes, but all my flowers are doing great!

Most of my lavender is in bloom, and I don’t seem to be the only one loving it. I’ve spotted quite a few bees in it!

The weekend before last I went to a nursery with my mom and godmother and her daughter. I saw a beautiful agapanthus there, and they had this color-code system for pricing. The agapanthus had a black dot, which, judging by the signs everywhere, meant 5.50€. It seemed super cheap, but at the checkout we were told that the color codes don’t apply to all plants and the agapanthus would actually be around 15-20€. So I left it behind with a very sad face.

My godmother apparently felt sorry for me, cause she gave me one of hers!

I’ll have to take a new picture, since it has grown a lot already. It’s almost in bloom now, and my favorite part is that it’s a white one!

This hosta was also a gift from my godmother, when I moved in a year ago.

Love it! The smaller one was a gift from my mom and is also in bloom now.

As you can tell, it has been raining. The past two days have been nice and warm and sunny, but who knows how long that will last.

I bought a rose at IKEA a while ago. It didn’t look so good and I was sure it was dead, but look…

I’m telling you… green thumb! Haha!

I hope the same is gonna happen with this other rose I bought a while ago.

Or maybe I need to take some gardening lessons, who knows.

My boxwoods have been doing great though, as well as my olive trees. I cut those back before I moved them back outside cause my mom said it was gonna make them grow in stronger, and it worked!

I’ll do a complete balcony before-and-after post soon, cause obviously a lot has happened since I moved in.

Until then, have a happy 4th of July!



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