grocery store peonies

Exactly one week ago, I bought some peonies at the grocery store. They were 3 for 2.50€ and it said on the plastic that was wrapped around them that they’re guaranteed to last 5 days. Well, I’m happy to report that even 7 days later they are looking absolutely gorgeous!

I keep them on my nightstand. That’s always been a favorite spot for fresh flowers for me.

The light in the bedroom was not great, so I took them to the living room to snap some better pics.

I know I’m repeating myself… but boy do I love peonies! They’re my absolute number one favorite flowers ever!

I decided to keep 5 in the vase by my bed and one in another vase on my desk.

The vase is new-ish, and I love it. I think the peony is the perfect flower for it.

I often buy flowers at the grocery store, cause I love having fresh flowers around, but it can get pricey to buy them at the florist every time. I’ve only found peonies at the grocery store once or twice before, and I kinda regret not buying 3 more. Maybe I’ll be lucky next time and they have them again.


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