DIY dotted plates

A while ago, I spotted a cute dotted plate on pinterest.

Back in 2005, when I started college, I bought 4 simple dessert plates at IKEA. They’re from the 365+ line, but have since changed a little. They look like this now…

but when I bought them they looked more like this one, from the DINERA series, but white instead of beige.

Since I can’t get any matching ones anymore, and since I had this porcelain pen that I bought for a Christmas present last year, I thought I’d turn my simple white plates into fun dotted plates. And it couldn’t have been easier!

I bought my porcelain pen at Idee, but I guess you can get them at any craft store. If not, there’s always amazon. I even found another tutorial on pinterest that just uses regular sharpies.

So, all I did was randomly draw dots on my plates, then baked them according to the directions on the pen. In my case this meant 90 minutes in the oven at 160°C.

So here’s my new dotted plates! I made two with random dots…

and two with more dots on the center.

It says on the pen that it’s dishwasher safe, which I probably wouldn’t trust. I don’t have a dishwasher and have handwashed them carefully, and I can see a few tiny scratches. But even if something rubs off completely I can still fix it by just drawing right over it and baking the plate again.

This was really easy, and I love the results, so I’m thinking about drawing dots or even colorful triangles on some simple white bowls that I have. And I’ll definitely keep this in mind as a great gift idea!


2 thoughts on “DIY dotted plates

  1. They turned out SO cute! :) I’ve been dying to recreate the polka dot dish, now that I’m closer to an IKEA and can pick up some plain dishes.

    Love the idea of making these for a gift, too. I suppose once you have the pen and a few cute dishes, personalized dishes are just a bake away!

    By the way, your Denmark photos are making me all wanderlusty. So glad that you’re blogging regularly again…I missed your posts! :)

  2. Thank you :) I wish I had had this idea sooner, it makes gift giving a lot easier.
    If you ever get the chance you should definitely visit Denmark! It’s my second favorite place in the world (after the US, haha). Don’t know if I can keep up posting 3 times a week, but it’s nice to blog again. And nice to know I’ve been missed :)

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