I would have posted this yesterday, but after spending the day here and riding every ride at least twice and getting totally soaked here (I kid you not… even my underwear was wet!), I was completely exhausted and just showered and went to bed when I got home. Nothing like finally sleeping in your own bed after a vacation, right?

Before we get to what I bought on vacation, here’s the last yummy treat I enjoyed.

So good! I miss the soft serve already…

But luckily I brought home some of that pink sticky ice cream topping, so I can at least kinda recreate it :D

And I was surprised to find this in the grocery store in Denmark…

I think it looks a little different than in the US, but I haven’t tried it yet. It does smell good though!

Finding these made me happy:

I already have a taller one of them, and the three of them make a nice group, even if nothing is in them yet. They weren’t that much cheaper than here in Germany, but every penny counts, right?

Here are the candles I bought.

I haven’t found a place for them yet, but I want to put them on a small tray or ceramic dish and have them “out in the open” in the living room. I took this picture in the living room and I loved having these colors in here.

I bought some more candles in another store.

I loved the colors! They had a huge selection of colors and it was so hard to decide! I’ll be sad to actually burn them… maybe I won’t.

I found these bright pink Keds for 20€ and just couldn’t say no.

And after looking for one for a while, I finally found a striped shirt that I love!

It’s long and loose-fitting and looks great with slim jeans, so I think it’s perfect.

I did go back to look for a pug pillow, but they didn’t have any. I think I’ll try to make my own, I’m sure it would look great on my couch! But the day we went back, we stopped in Tønder again. Not only did I buy fun postcards and super cute measuring spoons…

They still had the kitchen cloths!

They were 1€, so I bought 2 packs. My dad actually suggested I do that, don’t know why I didn’t think of it.

So, except for some candy that I ate before I could take pictures, this is what I brought home from vacation. I could have bought a ton more, especially here, but I think I did pretty good.


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