vacation glimpses

We’re going back home tomorrow, and it feels like the week here has flown by. We did see some sun and blue skies, but it stayed pretty cold all week. Yesterday was a lazy day for me; while my parents went on a long walk I stayed in and just went back to bed after breakfast. After all, that’s what vacations are for, right?

But sleep and relax wasn’t all I did. We drove around quite a bit and saw a lot. It really is beautiful here!

We enjoyed some sweet treats…

That pink creamy, foamy stuff is called guf. It’s sweet and sticky and tastes a little like strawberries. I bought some to take home…

We climbed the Blåvand light house!

I’m still out of breath just thinking about it :D It was sunny when we came back down and we enjoyed the sun on the beach for a while.

This is “our” beach, in Vejers. It’s incredibly wide and the sand is fine and soft. Too bad it was too cold and windy to really hang out at the beach!

There’s a really nice miniature golf place close to Blåvand, and we went to play. Of course I chose a pink ball. Didn’t help much though, I came in last.

The area where our vacation home is is a pretty wooded area. We had some visitors on Wednesday…


They were really close to the houses and took their time eating, then slowly moved on. My mom and I thought about following them but didn’t. Luckily our neighbors’ dogs didn’t make a sound to scare them away.

Last but not least, a beach vacation is not complete without a sunset, right? We saw two very pretty ones, but sadly the clouds swallowed the best part right at the end. Oh well.

Happy weekend!



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