window shopping

Like I said in my last post, I like to shop while on vacation. And when we found this amazing store in Blåvand, the only thing holding me back from buying pretty much everything there was that I don’t know how to bring everything home. That, and also the prices. But I might go back for one or two small things…

The store is called Living Shop and already looked promising from the outside…

One can always use another throw pillow for the sofa, right?

They were not only pretty, but also felt super nice.

And how fun would an animal pillow be?

I didn’t really look, but should I find a pug pillow there I’m so buying it!

I also loved these big glass vases. I think my mom has one that she can give me.

The yellow side table is also really neat.

Speaking of yellow…

What a fun pop of color! I’d love this for candles.

These dish towels were hard to put back, especially since they matched my nail polish.

And I really do need better dish towels! The napkins you see behind them were also really tempting.

These bowls and mugs were really cute:

My mug collection could always use another piece…

Some more tempting napkins.

They are a nice greenish gray color, and I love the simple geometric pattern. The silver trays are also awesome, and don’t get me started on that apple tin box…

Here’s the candle house in white, and I am seriously considering that stool…

The wood trays on the right are really nice, too. I’d love one for my big ottoman, just a little bigger. Also: That olive oil print. I think it would look good above my couch or in the kitchen!

Fun wall decor idea:

Too bad I can’t think of anywhere to do it in my apartment.


Lovely white ceramic bowl.

How awesome are these bar stools!?

My next kitchen definitely needs an island!

I’ve admired these rugs online for such a long time…

Such fun colors! The wire basket is great, too!

You wouldn’t think so from looking at these chairs…

but not only do they look great, they are so comfortable! You don’t even need a cushion.

This is what I want to do with my ottoman:

I just haven’t found the right tray yet. I guess I’m too picky.

And here’s the coffee table I want!

The price tag kept me from taking it home. And also the transportation problem. I love it though. Sigh.

It took me a moment, but these are lamps!

How cute! Especially for a nursery. And they come in such fun colors!

Some more great mugs…

They look almost white here, but were a soft mint color. I saw them in another store yesterday, and they come in many more colors. They’re from Kähler.

A fun vase…

And finally, some more awesome bar stools.

Love that table, too.

So, moral of this window shopping trip? I need a bigger apartment. And a rich husband :D


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