I love it here

Hey guys!

Guess what… I’m in Denmark! And even though the weather so far has been less than good, I absolutely love it here! We’re staying in Vejers, a really small town, where we walked around a bit on Saturday. We spent the rest of the day inside, as it was raining like crazy… Not what I expected vacation weather to be like. We brought a few games though, so we still had a good time.

I haven’t taken any pictures of the outside yet, due to the weather, but this is the house we’re staying at.

It’s really nice and cozy, with a small open kitchen that has a door to the deck that wraps around half the house.

This is the view from the kitchen. There are two small bedrooms with bunkbeds to the right of the kitchen, but we don’t need them.

You can see my parents’ bedroom across the room, behind the dining table. There’s a small hallway, the entry actually, to the right of that bedroom, and my bedroom connects to that hallway. Both bedrooms are pretty much the same.

Across from my bedroom is the bathroom:

It’s not great (the bathtub looks nicer than it actually is), but it’s okay.

We also have a small fireplace in the living room.

If the weather doesn’t change we’re gonna have to use it…

So far we’ve enjoyed some delicious baked goods.

Danish bakeries are just awesome! Everything looks so good and it’s so hard to decide! Luckily we’re here for the week, so maybe I’ll get to try everything :D

Yesterday we went to Blåvand, which is a pretty touristy town, but still very nice. While it didn’t rain the sky was still gray and cloudy, and it was windy and pretty chilly.

This was such a cute store! They have Noa Noa clothing, which I love but usually can’t afford. I didn’t know they had baby- and children’s clothing… so cute! The store also carries GreenGate. I thought it might be cheaper here, since GreenGate is from Denmark, but a mug was only about a Euro cheaper than in Germany. I didn’t buy anything since they didn’t have anything I don’t have already :D

We also went to this place:

It’s a candy store! My mom went in first, came back outside and said “When you walk through the door, take a deep breath!”

You can not imagine how good it smelled! And all the candy looked so good!
They had all kinds of sprinkles…

I might have to go back to buy some!
There’s candy everywhere you look…

And it all looks so pretty!

But candy is not the only thing you can get here… They have soft serve ice cream in all kinds of variations!

They even have Belgian waffles topped with soft serve, then topped with chocolate sauce or sprinkles.

We got medium servings of regular soft serve, which was way too much!

I didn’t finish mine, but it was sooo good!

The nail polish is ‘cute as a button’ by essie, by the way.

After finishing our soft serve we walked around town a little more. A shopping trip in Denmark is not complete without candles!

This was a pretty combination of colors:

I bought these three. I had to get a pink one, of course.

The colors don’t read well here, the one on the left is a much deeper color, like a lighter teal, and the one on the right is a little more gray than beige.
This store was almost like the candy store, but with candles instead of candy.

The colors are all so pretty, and they have extra long candles, too.

I really have to hold myself back from buying too much here! I don’t know if it’s because everything really is so pretty here, or if it just feels that way because I’m on vacation.
Do you shop a lot while on vacation, too?


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