shiny and new

Happy Friday! I meant to post on Wednesday, but never got around to it. What I finally did get around to do was change the look of the blog a little  though.

I’ve noticed that I really like watercolor effects and glitter fonts when it comes to blog design, so I sat down with photoshop and well, here we are now. I’ll probably play around with it a little more, but for now I like it. I also changed my blog name, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I never really liked my blog name and finally came up with something more fitting. I’m thinking about changing the address, too, but am still figuring out how to do that without losing anything.

But something else is new, too:

I have new throw pillows on my couch, and I love them!

I also don’t have a sidetable anymore. Instead of one, I now have a pile of stuff covering the lamp…

But back to the pillows.

I already had the beige one and the chevron one and added the rest. The black and white striped one is from H&M home. I made the others, from IKEA fabrics.

After googling around a bit I found a nice tutorial on hidden zippers. I’ve always had trouble with zippers, but these turned out really nice.

I didn’t have a long enough zipper for the last one, so I used two shorter ones and had them meet in the middle:

Could have turned out a little nicer, but I’m totally ok with this!

I have a lot of the pink/beige/white striped fabric left and I plan on reupholstering my kitchen chairs with it. And maybe sew a skirt from the flower fabric? It’s thinner and softer than the other ones, so I think it might actually be a good choice.

Have a nice weekend!


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