Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I was pretty productive; I painted my kitchen and installed some open shelving, with the help of a friend. Pictures and post to follow…

Way back in March (I’m still catching up here…) I planted some tomatoes. I used an egg carton, cause I read somewhere that once the tomatoes have started growing, you can just transplant the whole carton as it will rot.

I filled the whole thing with soil and then put 12 seeds in there. I asked my mom how many seeds per hole I should plant, and she said one. Apparently, when it comes to tomatoes, every single seed will turn into a plant.

I used these seeds from Aldi:

So I made sure to keep the soil moist and even covered it with plastic wrap to build a little greenhouse. I kept it on my kitchen windowsill, where it would get some sun in the morning.

And sure enough, 10 days later, I had these:

It took a couple more days for the last little stem to appear, and I was so proud of my green thumb!

However, not all 12 stems really turned into plants. When it was finally warm enough to transplant them to my balcony I only had 6 left (which is still enough for me. I’ll probably give one or two away.). I thought only 2 of those were going to make it, as the others looked very sad and almost dead.

I must have done something right though. Maybe it was the special tomato soil I bought, maybe the weather, maybe my mad watering skills, who knows. Either way, here is where they are today:

All 6 made it! And they all look really good!

I’m such a gardener :D

Look, even these were seeds once:

They will be carrots soon (hopefully… I think I have to take them apart a little)! I’m really ecxited; I knew tomatoes were easy to grow but I wasn’t sure about the carrots.

Even my flowers are growing perfectly right now. Here’s some lavender, which I have a lot of:

All of my lavender made it through the winter! I kept them outside on the balcony, covered in bubble wrap and burlap, watered them when it wasn’t freezing, and hoped they would make it.

Both of my hostas also survived winter. They both pretty much exploded in size recently, and the bigger one is starting to bloom.

This is the biggest of 5 blooms. I can’t wait for these, they’re so pretty!

I also bought some balloon flowers (platycodon grandiflorus) last year. In the fall they all looked pretty dead to me, and I threw half of them away. I covered and wrapped the other ones like I did the lavender and everything else, and kinda forgot about them cause you couldn’t see them. It’s like they shriveled away. So when I planted all the flowers back into the window boxes, I was surprised to see a little green here and there. And sure enough…

They totally came back! And I really regret throwing the others away! The color will be a surprise though; I had bought 3 purple and 3 white ones and don’t know which ones I kept. I hope the white ones…

As you can also see in the picture above, it’s been raining here. We had some really nice warm summer weather, and all of a sudden it became fall. It’s been raining all day yesterday and most of today.

I’ll make myself some tea now and curl up on the couch with various blankets. Or even my duvet, which is what I did yesterday… I miss summer!



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