Mother’s Day gardening

My mom spent Mother’s Day weekend here with me. My dad was away and we thought it would be nice to spend some time together at my place.

Mother’s Day is not Mother’s Day without flowers, right?

I actually won these in a photo contest, and I was surprised how pretty the bouquet was!

There were peonies in it, and my mom and I both loved the colors of the bouquet. It’s very close to what I would have picked out.

We started our weekend on Saturday with a nice breakfast.

I had bought these lilies of the valley the day before. I think they’re so pretty, and I just love their smell! They made the breakfast table look so much prettier.

After breakfast, we went to a gardening center. I had been planting things on my balcony, but when it comes to gardening knowledge and green thumbs, my mom is the expert.

I wanted a few more plants and needed some pots, so we picked out some really pretty things. Of course I bought more than I had planned to, but I’m all set now, after buying some more flowers for another window box a couple days later.

I love potted plants and flowers on balconies. I don’t have all that much room on my balcony, but these are not in the way at all. Plus, I can see them from inside as they’re in front of the balcony door, so it’s a win-win.

I also added a few hanging flowers. I love these hanging pots, by the way. They look so delicate.

We spent Saturday evening at my friends’ garden, where we had a little barbecue, then watched a movie Saturday night and chatted. We finished gardening on Sunday and then had a nice lunch.

I love asparagus season! Sometimes I wish it were around all year, but I guess then it wouldn’t be so special.

My mom left after lunch. It was really nice having her here, and not just because of her gardening skills :D

I hope all of you also had a nice Mother’s Day!



One thought on “Mother’s Day gardening

  1. Ich danke dir für das schöne Wochenende.
    Mir hat es auch sehr gefallen und es hat mir gut getan bei dir zu sein!!!

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