I love Denmark! We used to go to Denmark a lot when I was a kid, with our mobile home, and I always had such a great time. It’s just so pretty there, and the shops are so cute and they have such beautiful home decor items and the soft serve is great and and and… When we left Sylt on our last day we decided to go to the Danish town of Tønder, as it is close to the border and we were in the area anyways. We’ve been there before and it’s just lovely.

First we had to leave the island by train though… by car train!

It’s not as exciting as it sounds. They sell postcards on the island where they made it look like the train tracks go right through the water with absolutely no land under them. For extra effect they photoshopped a huge wave into it that’s crashing against the train… it’s pretty ridiculous :D

But back to Tønder. I think the town is pretty old, judging by its beautiful old buildings. You can see beautiful entrances and little details everywhere you look! Update: Just learned on Wikipedia that Tønder is in fact Denmark’s oldest town!

So yeah, this particular building doesn’t look all that old.

But it’s a really great home furnishing store. They have such beautiful furniture and decorative items! We went in there to look, and it was hard to leave…

At first the signs from the bakery in the foreground of this picture bothered me. But even they are cute!

Speaking of bakery, we went in there. You could sit down at a table and have coffee with your cake, which is what we did. Well… what my parents did, anyways. This was 4 days into Lent, which for me meant no candy, chocolate, baked goods, etc…

The first week is the worst, and this was so hard!!

I tried to distract myself by looking out the window and taking pictures. That kinda worked.

Before we left my parents bought some bread (Danish bread is awesome, by the way! I love that stuff!) which gave me some time to stare longingly at all the baked and chocolatey goodness…

When we left the bakery it was around 2pm, and since it was a Saturday during the off-season all the stores were about to close.

This was one of the few that were still open.

We didn’t go in there, but they had some nice clothes.

I really wish we had gone into this other store though… cause they had these…

…and I want them so badly!! I mean, come on! Aren’t they awesome!? Next time, hopefully…

We did go in here though (my dad probably still wishes we hadn’t).

Not only did they have cute postcards of their royal family…

…they had super pretty home decor stuff! A lot of things from rice, actually. The store was huge, with a lot of rooms in the back and a second story. This was one of the first rooms and one of my favorites. I think each room had a different theme, and I liked this one a lot.

(I think I need a birdcage!)

After that last picture my dad showed me the sign that said no picture-taking allowed… oops!

We spent about an hour in there. We = my mom and me. My dad wanted nothing more than get out of there, I think :D When we finally left the town was deserted.

So we decided to call it a day, too, and head back home.

But not before eating a Danish hot dog, of course!

My parents and I are going on vacation to Denmark soon, and eating a hot dog will be the first thing we do there (yes, I work at IKEA, where I could have one every day… but no other hot dogs can keep up with Danish ones!).


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