it’s february?

While it still feels to me like New Year’s was just a week ago, it’s actually February already. Crazy! It feels like January never really happened. But it did, so here’s a short recap.

In the first week of January, I enjoyed some really good sushi with a few coworkers/friends. We went to an all-you-can-eat thing and took full advantage of it (3 hours people… we spent 3 hours there). You wouldn’t believe how much we ate!

Here’s a part of the menu.

The rest of the pictures came out blurry, but the sushi was super delicious! We’ll definitely go again!

Later that week I had steak at my parents’ house. I gave my dad a steak cookbook for Christmas, since he has a gas grill, and the steak was excellent! So foodwise it was a perfect week. Unfortunately a RIBBA picture frame fell on my nose at work that week, and boy did that hurt! My nose was a little blue and swollen for a few days, and even putting on moisturizer hurt for a while, but I think it would have hurt more if it was broken. So except for that, the year started off pretty good.

I got new glasses in January, and I love them!

They’re Ray Bans, and of all the pairs of glasses I’ve had these are easily my absolute favorites!

I got glasses when I was in 7th grade, and I think I still have most of my old ones. I should try them all on again for comparison :D

My parents and I drove down to southern Germany for a cousin’s 50th birthday celebration. Question: The cousin we’re speaking of is my dad’s cousin… so what does that make her to me? My dad has a lot of cousins (9 aunts and uncles!) and we all started referring to each other as cousins a while ago cause we never figured out what we really are.

Anyways- road trip! My parents picked me up at my place in the morning, and since I always joke about road trips and bringing picknick, my mom, well, brought a picknick: Sandwiches, drinks, hard boiled eggs… and this:

Individual chocolate pudding with whipped cream on top!

In old jam jars that she saves for making jam. I couldn’t believe it; I thought she brought chocolate pudding from the store when she asked if I wanted one. And not only did this look pretty, it was super yummy as well!

So we spent a nice weekend at our cousin’s. Her birthday celebration was on Saturday evening, and we went to the farmer’s market in their town on Saturday morning. We went to this cute little girly store, and I bought some really pretty candles, perfect for birthday cupcakes. They’re really thin and soft pink and lavender colored and I just couldn’t resist. I also helped pick out napkins for the table, which looked very pretty:

Our cousin made a ham and some of the guests brought salads, so there was a nice buffet with lots of yummy food. It was definitely a fun weekend!

Also in January, I made my coworkers happy with some cookies.

Ever since I first brought them to work I’ve been asked to make them again, so every time I do they’re gone pretty quickly. I always use this recipe, which is my host mom’s. Yum yum!

Like probably everyone else I took down my Christmas decorations in the first week of January. I always hate taking them down because everything feels so empty and naked without them. I left the garland in the kitchen window up though, with just the candles and metal stars on it. Instead of Christmas decorations, and because I was in the mood for spring, I bought some pretty flowers.


They’re my favorites, right up there with peonies. Especially in white or soft pink like these.

I also bought a twig. Cherry, maybe?

I thought it was so pretty! It’s been holding up pretty well, but it doesn’t look quite that good anymore.

Oh, and I got some daffodils, too. I thought they were paperwhites, but they’re yellow inside (which I kinda hate). But they still look nice.

You can see a corner of my new pillow case in the picture above, so here it is in all its unironed glory:

It’s from H&M Home.

I had never ordered from there, but it was on sale and I loved it.

I think it fits right in.


One thing that didn’t happen in January was winter. It’s been like a very rainy fall ever since, well, fall, and yeah it’s been cold but definitely not freezing. That finally happened this week. All of a sudden the temperatures dropped and it’s been freezing! This made me notice how drafty my apartment is… It never gets really warm anymore, now that it’s so cold outside. Time to cuddle up with a blanket and a cup of tea on the couch!

Speaking of tea, here’s my favorite January breakfast:

Pancakes! And tea in my new favorite mug from Anthropologie, that I bought when visiting my hostfamily last Thanksgiving.

How has your 2012 been so far?



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