Even though Christmas was a week ago, I refuse to let it be over. I still have Christmas songs on my iPod and I still have the decorations up. I’ll take them down next week, but I already can’t wait to put them up again!

Speaking of decorations, I completely forgot to share my favorite one! It’s in my kitchen:

It’s a garland in front of the window. The twigs are fake and the candles are not meant to be lit, but I love it so much I want to leave it there… for good! I’ve actually been thinking about how I could change it to make it say “winter” instead of “Christmas”, but so far nothing came up.

While on the topic of decorations, here’s our Christmas tree. I wasn’t there when my parents went to get the tree, and the one they got was a little weird and wonky, but we made it work. My mom actually bought an additional light string because even though the tree was as tall as usual, it was wider.

We decorated the tree as we always do: My mom is in charge of the lights, and I do the rest. I LOVE decorating the tree! This year I wanted to go with a white, red and silver theme, but since we didn’t buy any new ornaments I mostly used red cause that’s what we had. I usually don’t like the straw stars, but this year I used them and thought it all looked good. And I started a new tradition: Watching The Muppet Christmas Carol while decorating the tree. It’s my favorite Christmas movie!

Here’s a closer look at the presents under the tree:

I wrapped mine in plain kraft paper and used red and white striped paper yarn along with gift tags I found on pinterest. I also made sure to find a box for every present, just cause it makes wrapping easier and I think it looks nicer.

Speaking of presents… I took some more tree pictures with my new 50mm lens. Love all the bokeh!

And here are my favorites… I think I’ll use one of those for my Christmas cards next year.

I hope your Christmas was as merry and bright as mine and you got everything you wished for! What was your favorite present?


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