catching up, part 3146

Where have I been? How is it suddenly December and just a week until Christmas? Seriously, where has the time gone?

Last you heard of me, I was gonna go to Boston to visit my Au-Pair hostfamily. And I had a wonderful week with them! We hung out at home with their new puppy and their 6 foster kittens (I wanted to take home 2 of them so badly!), made mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie for and ate a ton on Thanksgiving, went to the mall, did some art… I really had a great time with them and miss them now.

When I came back I had another week off from work and used that to repaint my living room. And I’m happy to report that I really, truly, love it now! It feels like me and it feels like home, and that’s as perfect as it gets, right?

Let’s take a look back. Here’s the empty room when I moved in…

and shortly after that, with my furniture in it, but unpainted walls:

After a while, I painted the wall behind the couch and hung some pictures.

While I liked the turquoise color, it just wasn’t me.

And so I finally decided to spend more money on paint and make my living room mine.

Here it is now:

I picked out the wall color on a rainy day with no real sunlight, but I absolutely love it! It’s a neutral, warm greige, exactly what I wanted.

I also added another picture ledge and put more pictures on the wall behind the couch.

And look! I finally bought a rug!

I love it! It’s so soft and fluffy and warm and just what the room needed!

As for Christmas decorations, I decided to not go overboard. I wanted to get a small tree, in a bucket, but then decided against it. Instead, there’s a bit here and there.

Next to the TV, there’s this:

That’s actually a string of lights with ornaments on them in the glass vase. The light is really beautiful, I should take a picture of it.

And then there’s the window sill:


I bought these pretties at Crate & Barrell and was a little afraid they might not make it home in one piece. But they were not harmed and I love them!

Then there’s some ceramic firs that I made:

My mom’s pottery skills are way better than mine, but I think these are okay.

And instead of an advent wreath, I came up with this.

It’s nice and seemed like a good idea. Until this happened about 10 minutes into lighting the first candle:

Oh well. I just hope I can save most of the ornaments and remove them from the wax without breaking them.

Speaking of advent, time to light the last candle!

So how has your December been so far? It’s been mostly rainy and yucky here, not a lot of real daylight and we finally got a tiny bit of snow on Friday… mixed with rain, of course. I have one Christmas present and ideas for most other ones, but I really need to get going on finishing them. Anyone else as far behind as I am?


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