Hello folks! Well, I don’t have a lot to share since not much has been going on lately.

2 weekends ago I went to this market/fair thing I went to last year to sell some bags that I sewed. Last year I sold quite a few of them, and since last year was the first time they had that fair I thought this year should be even better (word-of-mouth and such, you know).

It was all outside and the weather was so-so. Mostly sunny, but a little windy and a few drops of rain at one point.

Surprisingly, there were not a lot of people there. The ones who were there were mostly seniors and also seemed mostly interested in the food.

Most people didn’t even stop to take a look. They all seemed to follow the smell of the Bratwurst.

Make-Up bags from the GreenGate oil cloth.

Well, guess what- I didn’t sell a single thing! Not one. My mom bought one of the bags and one of the oilcloth make-up bags, since she had her eye on them ever since I made them. And then my grandma bought 2 bags as presents for friends, but I don’t need to go to a market to sell bags to my family.

My mom was actually the only one there who sold a few things (she does garden pottery). All the other “vendors” also didn’t sell anything. So yeah, we’re not going back next year. We even left early while it was raining a little heavier.

So, about the reconsidering part of this post… I’ve been looking at my living room, and, well…

I like the mint green. I like it with the couch, I think they go great together.

But this gray/mint combo is what could be called “seasonally challenging”. It’s hard to make the room cozy and warm and comfy on these cool fall days and nights. I can’t imagine Christmas decorations in here, really. But mostly…

It’s just not me!

It feels too modern for me, I’m still a country casual! So I think I’m gonna repaint. I ‘m thinking about a soft warm creme color, something kinda off-white and neutral but warm and cozy. And then I want the ÅDUM rug from IKEA (here’s a close-up):

It’s nice and soft and not too hard to keep clean and I love the color. And yes, I know that with a similar wall color and the color of the couch it could all look pretty blah and boring, but in my head it looks perfect! I can add color accents in the art on the wall and by switching out throw pillows and candles around the room. And most importantly, I think it will feel like me, and therefore like home.

Oh, and I kinda think the same goes for the gray walls in my bedroom. The gray is darker than I had wanted and feels a little cold. Especially now in the fall. I can’t imagine what winter will feel like! So I might repaint there, too…

Have you ever regretted or reconsidered a paint choice?


7 thoughts on “reconsidering

  1. hey, Jenny, ja, das habe ich – ich habe in unserer Küche zwei wände rot gestrichen und mag es absolut nicht mehr sehen, dabei ist das auch erst 2 jahre (?) her …

  2. Your bags and make up pouches are Really nice! I’d buy one! :) I feel the same way about reconsidering a few things in my apartment…it must be that time of year: just before Winter….time to change with the seasons.

    I’ve never regretted a paint choice…mine would be upholstery/fabric choices. lol ….I’ve changed my couch cushion covers a million times!

    Good luck with your paint choices!

  3. I had something like that happen with the first craft fair I ever participated in, but if I were there I would have bought one too, I’m in love with the cream one with the bright flowers. so pretty :)

    • Aww thank you! My mom actually gave the bags to someone who’s going to a Christmas fair where she’ll try to sell them, so there’s hope :D

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