stuff from August

Instead of a real post, I thought I’d share some (unedited, I’m lazy) pictures from things in August.

Here we go…

Pancakes and strawberries. Yum. Easily a breakfast favorite!


Went to the zoo. The weather was perfect and I had a fun time with my coworkers.


We loved the gorillas.

And the elephants! They’re always a favorite!

How cute are baby elephants!?


The polar bears were splashing around in the water, too.


Hung some pictures in the bedroom.


And curtains, finally!


And some more pictures.


I catered my mom’s birthday. This seems to become a thing :D


And decorated it, too.


Coming up: livingroom updates!


2 thoughts on “stuff from August

  1. So herrlich, schöne Bilder, dein August muss fabelhaft gewesen sein.

    BTW: Bei deiner Mum gab es Burger – selbstgemacht sind die wirklich viel besser, stimmt’s?

    GLG und ein wunderschönes WE

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