first impression

I think everyone agrees that first impressions are important, right? And that not only applies to meeting new people. It also applies to your home. When someone comes over to your place for the first time, you’d want them to have a good first impression of your home once you open the door, right?

Well, this is not the first impression I wanted people to have of my apartment:

A pile of mess. Not very welcoming.

I also had a little shoe storage situation going on…

I had painted the little storage nook the same pink as the wall in my bedroom, but that and the big mirror I bought a year ago were the only things I loved about my little hallway.

So. I knew I wanted some kind of shelving in the nook so I could use it as a pantry/storage space. I didn’t want to attach shelves to the wall though, I wanted them to be flexible. I did some thinking and looked at different options and in the end bought IKEA’s IVAR shelf.

It’s super flexible, fits the space better than any other option, and IKEA will probably always sell it, which is good to know in case I ever need more shelves.

I’ll probably stain it white in the future, but it does its job (store a lot of stuff) so I’m in no hurry. The bamboo shade will be switched out for a black-and-white striped curtain. It’s a little too short and you can see through it, so it doesn’t make much sense.

And while I’m super happy with IVAR and the way the nook looks now, it doesn’t solve the shoe storage situation. Luckily, my new shoe cabinet does :)

It’s also from IKEA (where else…), it’s called STÄLL, and I love it!

I always thought I was gonna buy the HEMNES shoe cabinet, but this one holds more shoes and I like the cleaner look of it. Plus the metal handles go nice with the silver mirror.

The best part though is that I can fit all my shoes, except for boots, in it!

Bottom compartment…

Middle compartment…

And the top compartment…

See how I could fit even more flats in here? Love that!

And instead of a pile of shoes, I now have these beauties greeting me when I come home:

Maybe I should dust the smaller one…

Anyways, I love my hallway now instead of being ashamed of it. I’ll just add a picture or two and then I think I can call it done!



2 thoughts on “first impression

  1. Wow – thanks! I’ve also been lusting after the Hemnes shoe cabinet for some time now but looked at the Stall because it’s a little less deep. It holds SO MANY SHOES! I think I’m sold. :)

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