le bain

Do I deserve the worst-blogger-of-the-month award or what? I’m so sorry I’ve been neglecting this little blog here. I wish I could say summer got in the way, but I can count on both hands the real summer days we’ve had. Mostly, summer here has been like fall. Very rainy and cold and gross and yucky. I’ve worn flip flops once! And I kinda regret spending money on sunscreen, cause I really didn’t need it!

So mostly I’ve just been lazy and tired, but I hope to be a better blogger from now on (haven’t I said that before?)… I once again apologize.

But back to what this post is about. I don’t speak French, by the way, I just thought “le bain” sounds much better than “the bathroom”. Last time I posted, I think I mentioned my parents were gonna come to help me with some apartment stuff. That mainly means drilling holes in the walls to hang stuff. You need a heavy-duty drill for everything here… it’s really annoying. At work all the walls are wood and you can just screw things onto them. It’s kinda fun actually.

Anyways, we got a lot done when my parents were here and now my bathroom is done (I think…). Here’s a before-picture, from before I moved in:

And without further ado, here’s the room now:

I took down the mirror that was there and replaced it with a LILLÅNGEN bathroom mirror cabinet from IKEA that I bought even before I had an apartment (it was on sale). I hung that one on moving day, and it’s great to store all my stuff, like skin products and hair stuff and make-up. But I had some things I didn’t want to store in there and that didn’t fit, so I bought 2 GRUNDTAL glass shelves and hung them left of the cabinet, over the toilet.

I really love them, I think they’re my favorite thing in the bathroom. And I don’t even mind that the bigger woven basket is a little too big.

And I love my little plant:

I knew I wanted a plant in the bathroom and thought about a small fern, but the ones I saw were all too big for this spot. Plus I already had the pot and wanted to use it. I don’t know what this one is called, but I think it’s perfect.

Of course hanging the glass shelves was not the only thing we got done in the bathroom; we also hung 2 small GRUNDTAL hooks. One for my big towel, right next to the shower…

…and one next to the sink, for a small guest towel:

I’ll have to find another spot to store the toothbrush charger though. Tucking it behind the radiator is not exactly what I want, so I’m thinking about sewing fabric baskets to fit into the mirror cabinet to hold small things like that.

I decided to keep the towel holder that was already there.

It’s also from IKEA’s GRUNDTAL series, so it matches the glass shelves and towel hooks. And it’s pretty practical, as it, you know, holds my towels. I also hung an s-hook on it that holds my blow-dryer.

The only downside?

This corner and my right elbow are not going to be friends.

As far as the shower goes there was no need to drill into the walls. The windowsill holds my shampoo and shower gel, which is pretty perfect.

The only things I added were frosting film on the window, cause even though you can’t really see through the glass I felt weird showering in front of it…

…and a shower curtain, of course. I took the first shower without one and almost flooded the bathroom…

I knew I wanted this shower curtain, and I love it.

I thought about painting the room, but it’s so small and narrow that it’ll stay all white. For now the turquoise guest towel is a nice pop of color, and I’ll likely get a matching bathroom rug. But so far I’m really happy with the bathroom.

Next up: My former mess of a hallway…


4 thoughts on “le bain

  1. This looks great! I love the two glass shelves with the baskets and plant and glass. So cute!

    Could you add another glass shelf above the sink for the extra stuff like the toothbrush charger? That could solve the problem.

    • Thanks Kim! I thought about another shelf, but all the ones I’ve seen are too deep. Maybe I’ll put another one over the radiator though, or make fabric baskets that I can hang there. That might be cute…

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