weekend things

So far, this weekend has been sucky. Sucky as in, the weather is absolutely nasty. Cold, gray, rainy, and not at all what a summer weekend should be like. So I started my weekend by seriously sleeping in.

To make this gray weekend a little brighter, I bought flowers at the grocery store yesterday.

I just love having fresh flowers around!

I also finally got around to hanging another picture in this place. As you can see, I hung the paint swatch picture. It’s in the living room, over the EXPEDIT. I kinda love it there.

But back to the flowers- I have no idea what these are.

They remind me of allium, but they do look a little different. I also think that alliums are out of season now. So I’ll just wait till they open, or does anyone know what they could be?

I have decided to do my grocery shopping on Fridays after work now. Sure, especially on a Friday I’m exhausted and can’t wait to get home and take a nap on the couch, but I’d much rather not have to do groceries on a Saturday (stores are closed here on Sundays). So I got it all done on Friday. I bought some fruit, but since I tend to forget about and not eat it when it’s in the fridge, I decided to put some of it on display.

Looks pretty, and when I see it I remember to eat it :D Have you tried those baby bananas? I love them! They’re sweeter than regular bananas, and I don’t like bananas enough to finish a whole regular one (I’m kinda weird when it comes to bananas).

I also bought the yummiest fresh pasta (at Rewe). These are cappelletti filled with ricotta and different mushrooms.

I melted some butter and sprinkled in some ground sage, then poured it over the pasta and topped everything off with some fresh parmesan. Still love that Microplane zester…

Aside from cleaning, which I’ve decided to do on Saturdays so I can fully enjoy my Sundays, I’ve been a little productive on my desk. See, my desk is a total mess right now. My parents are visiting next weekend and they’ll bring this 3-drawer-unit thing that I used for desk stuff when I lived with them. I really need all that storage cause my desk is pretty small und super cluttered right now.

To get rid of some of the clutter, and to gain some space on the desk, I hung some painted cans on the wall to hold pens etc.

The ones on the left are white, the top right one is painted with the soft pink paint I used for my bedroom ceiling, and the bottom right one is painted with the other pink from my bedroom. Gotta love free projects!

Not only is this super convenient, cause I have everything I need within reach and it’s not taking up desktop space, but I also think it’s kinda pretty. Hanging stuff on walls rocks!

Happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “weekend things

  1. Ich glaaaaaaube die Blume heißt Allium – ich kenn die nur in blühend, daher bin ich mir nicht ganz sicher…

    • Ich war mir nicht so sicher, aber jetzt sind ein paar Blüten aufgegangen und ich glaub doch, dass das Allium ist. Ich lass mich mal überaschen, was dabei so rauskommt :D

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