before the storm

The storm being moving day, in this case. I’ll tell you about it all soon, but for now I have pictures to share!

I officially got the keys to my apartment on May 31st, which was a Tuesday. I wasn’t happy about it cause I had wanted to start moving my boxes from my temporary home to the apartment a little earlier. The Friday before I was gonna get my keys I went to the apartment, where the previous tenant was packing up all of his stuff. I mainly went to measure the kitchen to start planning it, but he also gave me his second set of keys so that I could start bringing stuff in on Sunday, after he had moved out.

I spent that weekend at my parents’, packing some more stuff (which never seemed to end) and got back to Hannover really late on Sunday. I moved a box and the paint into the apartment and called it a day. It was dark and there were no lights, except for the kitchen and bathroom, so I didn’t take any pictures. I did that on Monday right after work and right before moving more boxes into the place.

Let’s start at the beginning. To refresh your memory, here’s the floorplan again:

Alright then. This is the view from the front door:

At the end you can see the little storage area. The bamboo shade was there. It’s a little too short, so I’ve been thinking about putting the black-and-white striped curtains I made a while ago there.

Here’s the view from the storage area towards the front door.

The floors aren’t really that red. The first picture is a little closer to the real color.

And yes, there’s a small window in the front door. A lot of apartments in Hannover have this, and I find it a little freaky. I’ve taped some plain white paper over it for now, I’ll have to find a prettier solution.

Let’s move on to the first room on the left when you enter… the bathroom.

As you can see I took these pictures before I even cleaned the place, so no, the floors don’t look that gross anymore. As you can also see, the bathroom really is tiny. It’s just about 1 meter wide, so you have to take advantage of the height of the room for storage.

Here’s the view from the other side:

The towel rod was there, and I’m leaving it. It’s really the only place for the towels you use every day.

So while this room is tiny, I love that it has a window! I hate bathrooms without one, and the window definitely makes it feel a little bigger. I’ll also leave the walls white… I think.

Next to the bathroom is the kitchen.

It’s a really great size, and I love that it also has the same laminte floors as the rest of the apartment!

Here’s a different angle:

The sink and its cabinet. Don’t love it, but it’s one less thing to buy, right?

Here’s the kitchen door…

You can’t really tell from this picture, but the light fixture in here is super ugly! But it’s the same as with the sink… one less thing to buy (for now), so it stays. I’ve moved it into the hallway though, and ever since I’ve only used it once.

Next to the door is the radiator.

And that’s the kitchen! I really like the size; there’s enough space for a small table which wasn’t the case in most other places I saw.

Opposite the kitchen is the bedroom.

I wish the door would open the other way, but other than that I love this room (especially now that it’s furnished). The size is great, it’s neither too big nor too small, and it’s pretty quiet.

Next to the bedroom, and opposite the bathrom, is the living room.

…which connects to the balcony. I love the big window! You can’t open it, but it lets in so much light.

Here’s the view from the other side:

The floors look really weird in this picture. The room has a great size, my desk and computer are in here. I didn’t want them in the bedroom, so I was really happy to be able to fit it all in here, too.

So last but not least, my favorite thing… the balcony!

The floors look terrible, but other than that I love the balcony! The size is great, it’s quiet, and there’s a lot of sunshine here!

It overlooks the courtyard, which is so much better than a busy street! The yard itself needs a lot of work though…

It could be really pretty. And guess what I spied…

Peonies! Sadly, they’re not blooming anymore, but I’m already looking forward to next spring. There’s also roses, hydrangeas, and other pretty flowers, so I hope they find a gardener soon to take care of them all properly!

So that’s it for before-pictures. I’ll try to take after-pictures from the same angles, where possible. Right now everything’s still a little chaotic, since I need to buy some more furniture to put my stuff away.

Have a great Sunday!





One thought on “before the storm

  1. Die Wohnung sieht klasse aus, Jenny, Glückwunsch! So schön hell und mit einem Sonnenbalkon – das sieht aus, als würden wir in den nächsten Wochen jede Menge Dekoideen zu Gesicht bekommen und dir bei der Wohnungseinrichtung zuschauen können. Fein, ich freue mich! Viel Spaß beim Werkeln, Basteln und Dekorieren. :)

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