my place: floorplan

So. After removing most of the chaos that was created during my moving, I’m finally back. And I got something for you: My floorplan!

I really like the layout and size of my apartment. There’s no wasted space and it’s just the right size for me. I didn’t want a tiny apartment, but I don’t need a huge one, either.

So without further ado… the floorplan I drew up:

I really like the way the rooms are connected to the hallway. I saw a couple places where the hallway was one long wall on one side, and the rooms were all on the opposite side, all next to each other. I like it much better this way; and I have a little storage area at the end, opposite the entrance.

In the mornings I have sunshine in the kitchen and bathroom, and in the afternoon and evening in the living room and bedroom. And on the balcony, of course, which is great!

As you can see the bathroom is tiny. I would have liked a bathtub, but just a shower is fine with me. The window is a big plus, and since everything is white the room doesn’t feel quite as tiny.

The kitchen has a really nice size. It was completely empty except for the kitchen sink and its cabinet. This way, I had to spend money to buy everything, which kinda sucked, but on the other hand I know that everything’s new and I don’t have to scrub every corner and surface. Plus, I can design my own kitchen and make it just the way I want/need it to be.

The bedroom is not huge, but I like that. All my furniture (my bed, wardrobe, dresser) fit in there and it doesn’t feel crammed. I don’t like huge bedrooms, anyways, I always feel lost in them :D

The living room is a really nice size, too. My sofa fits in there perfectly, and I have enough space for my desk and some bookshelves.

You know that the balcony is my favorite thing about this place, right? It’s so quiet out there, and my two garden chairs fit on it great. I haven’t bought any flowers yet, but I plan to turn it into the nicest balcony in the neighborhood :D

I still have a couple of boxes to unpack, but I already love this place! I’ll be back with pictures soon…


3 thoughts on “my place: floorplan

  1. Oh Jenny, wie schön! Herzlich Willkommen in deinem neuen Zuhause! Es hört sich gut an, was du schreibst. Sich schon kurz nach dem Umzug wohl zu fühlen ist ein gutes Zeichen. Viel Spaß beim Einrichten und Dekorieren! :) Ich bin schon sehr gespannt. ;)

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