random wednesday

My excuse for being MIA lately? Well, um, I don’t relly have one… I was lazy and tired. Tired and lazy. There you have it.

Anyways, there hasn’t been much going on. I bought peonies last week and loved them:

They only lasted a week, but they were already opened when I bought them. I got them at Aldi for about 2€, so I’m not complaining!

They looked so pretty in my new vases.

I spent the past 2 weekends at home and started packing up all my stuff. My dad and I went to grandparents’ and got my moving boxes down from their attic and I’ve taken as many as possible back to Hannover already. They’re currently taking up residence in the hallway:

Blurry, but I guess you get the idea here: I have a lot of stuff (and I so wish that those were all of my boxes…). Once I get the keys to my apartment, which should happen on the weekend or early next week, I’ll drive back and forth from my temporary home to my actual home to get the boxes there. I’ll also take the vacuum and cleaning stuff at first and clean the place, and then I hope to get the bedroom painted before driving home next Wednesday to get all my furniture. I’ll leave the rest of the rooms white for now, I figure I wanna take it slow, one room at a time.

And about having a lot of stuff: I want that to change! I plan on opening one box, unpacking it, and in the process sort out things that I don’t need anymore. I’m kinda looking forward to it! I hope to be left with a big “toss”-pile in the end.

I’ll have to buy a kitchen, but because kitchens are pricey, I’ll skip the doors on the cabintes first. I want some open shelving anyways, cause these need to be displayed:

From top to bottom: HEMA, GreenGate, IKEA, GreenGate.

I bought the bottom one last weekend, and I also bought this little pin:

It was pretty overpriced for what it is, but I just couldn’t resist the cuteness!

One more thing about my soon-to-be kitchen: Does anyone have experience with open shelving? Would you recommend it? I know it will be a pain to keep everything dust-free, but what about grease from cooking? Advice will be much appreciated :)


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