weekend randoms

Happy Sunday!

Well, my Sunday is almost over, but I still hope everyone had a great weekend!

I haven’t been up to much this weekend. Friday night I went out with a colleague and some of her friends, but was back home at 3am because on Saturday “morning” I went to another colleague’s… for a Tupperware party! Laugh if you want to, but I liked it! I ordered 3 items, each priced around 20 bucks. Wanna guess what I bought?

Other than that, I’ve been enjoying these flowers I bought on Thursday…

Aren’t they so pretty?

They were both completely closed when I bought them,

and especially the soft pink one has opened beautifully.

And I love the slight touch of green in the white one:

Too bad they don’t last forever!

So I went grocery shopping yesterday, cause I was pretty much out of everything. I went to Rewe, because I like Rewe and they also have this customer reward system where you collect one point for every 5 bucks you spend, and once you have 30 points you can buy something for a special price. Most grocery stores do this, but Rewe is offering Zwilling knives right now! So I bought groceries for 48 bucks, which means I get 9 points… 9 points closer to the Zwilling Santoku knife for 25 bucks!

Except that this starts on Monday.

Yesterday was Saturday.

I didn’t get any points.

[insert cussing]

Well, what are you gonna do, right? I tried not to be too mad about it; the good thing is that it’s just starting and you can collect points until July.

I also got some weekend reading material.

I really like this feature in Living At Home magazine:

It’s a bouquet tutorial. And the bouquets are always sooo pretty!

So, last but not least, a super random picture from my Sunday breakfast:

Vanilla yoghurt with fresh blueberries.

Super simple, but so delicious!

Have a great new week!


7 thoughts on “weekend randoms

  1. Das war ja ein spannnendes Wochenende! Aber diesmal werde ich nicht raten, was du getuppert hast. Erstens kenn ich mich tuppermäßig nicht so gut aus und zweitens liegen meine Tipps eh immer voll daneben ;)

    Besonders gut gefallen mir übrigens deine Blumen. Ranunkeln sind meine erklärten absolut-top-und-super-super-schön-Lieblings-Blumen :D

  2. Na, dann werde ich an dich denken, wenn ich mal bei Rewe einkaufe … alternativ könnte ich auch mal im Zwillings-Fabrikverkauf schauen, die sind da vermutlich auch nicht teurer … und da brauch man gar keine Treuepunkte ;). Obwohl, dann macht das ja nur halb soviel Spass :D.

    Und die Tupperfrage: Wunderschüsseln (der Klassiker schlechthin)? Ansonsten vielleicht noch diese Puderzuckermühle? Oder ein Messbecher mit Spritzschutzring? Oder die Teigrolle … oder … oder .. oder ?

  3. Die Blumen sind echt schön :)
    Hast du denn mittlerweile eine größere Bleibe als Upsala gefunden ;);)
    Ganz liebe Grüße

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