weekend shopping

Happy Oscar Sunday!

I spent the weekend at home with my parents and have tomorrow off because of an appointment I have here. Today I just hung out at home in sweatpants- perfect Sunday if you ask me.

We had really nice, almost spring-like weather yesterday. The sun was shining and the skies were blue, no clouds in sight:

My mom and I went to this store in my hometown. They sell things like natural cosmetics, organic detergents, candles, wooden toys, home and garden decorations… and GreenGate stuff. Which, if you know me, is why I like the place so much.

The store itself is a log cabin with a winter garden along the front, which is where the GreenGate stuff is. So when you enter the store, you see this:

I pretty much wanted to buy everything!

It’s been a while since I last visited the store, so there were quite a few things that were new to me.

Like these tablecloths.

My favorite is the second one from the top.

Love the beige and that flower pattern.

Also new to me are these:

I’m still not crazy about colors, but I love the soft yellow (looks darker in the pictures) with the white polkadots, and the pastel stars!

See the cereal bowls with the stars? I think I’ll have to buy one or two next time… same goes for the smaller yellow ones with polkadots…

They have some nice, soft green stuff, perfect for spring.

Some green dishes paired with the yellow ones would make a nice Easter table, don’t you think?

They also have several flower patterns now.

I might have to buy this fun set:

They’re the perfect size for espresso, and I have the beige polkadotted ones in the regular size (I got two of them for Christmas).

And look, they still have my sugar pot:

This is my favorite one of their flower patterns!

I actually have four of these in red; they were my first GreenGate items:

I’ll have to buy some of these beige ones, too. They’re so pretty combined with the red ones.

Some more pretty mugs:

A really pretty dish towel…

And, surprise, something else I might have to buy:

The prettiness kills me :D

White-on-yellow polkadots and pastel stars sure make a nice combination, don’t you think?

This striped dishtowel is not so bad, either…

So. I only bought two items there yesterday. I’ll take a picture tomorrow, in the daylight, but for now I’ll let you guess what I bought :)




14 thoughts on “weekend shopping

  1. Zwei von den entzückenden Geschirrtüchern? :)

    Aber die Sachen sind wirklich alle wunderschön. Da könnte ich auch fündig werden :) Was für ein schöner Laden :D

  2. Die Eierbecher mit den Blümchen? Die sind wirklich niedlich ;). Im KaDeWe haben die auch eine ganz tolle GreenGate-Auswahl. Nur falls du mal nach Berlin kommen solltest ;).

  3. Hi, I love the pictures you posted. I wish they had Green Gate in the US. Would you mind telling me where this Green Gate shop is located. Thank you, JanDee

    • Oh, I didn’t realize GreenGate is not available in the US! That seems weird… Anyways, I always get mine at a tiny store near Hamburg, but a lot of places sell them here now. They’re also available online, like here or here. Maybe there’s a place that ships abroad?

  4. Oh my goodness! I love this store, and I haven’t ever been there, nor will I probably ever get the chance :( I”m from Canada, and this company does not ship here. I found a company in the UK that would ship, but they only had limited pieces, and shipping would be so expensive. I am so sad. This stoneware is absolutely beautiful! I want every single piece! You are a lucky girl to be able to shop there anytime! Maybe it’s just as well. I’d be broke right now if I had access to this store…hahaha :)

    • It’s called Adendorfer Waschzuber, they’re near Hamburg here in Germany and they sell lots of other pretty things as well. Stuff from rice, for example… Going there is really dangerous :D

    • Hey Maud,
      sorry for the super late reply! The store is in Germany, close to Hamburg. Their website is waschzuber.com

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