That describes the size of my room in my temporary home in Hannover pretty well.

I signed my work contract on Wednesday (woohoo!) and picked up the keys to my temporary home. I also got my workclothes: 3 pairs of cargo-style pants with tons of flaps and pockets (they look absolutely awful on me), 5 t-shirts, 3 sweaters and a jacket. Oh, and a name tag. I think that might be my favorite part :)

But back to the room. I thought it would be a good idea to have seen the room before moving in so I know what to bring and what to leave at my parents’ house for now. I was told that the room wasn’t very big, so I’d rather know what I can fit in there instead of  bringing too much stuff with no room to put it.

And boy is it good that we checked it out before!

The room is tiny! Like, teeny tiny! I think it’s about 7m² “big” (that’s about 75 square feet)! There’s a bed  and a small desk in there. And that’s it! They’re gonna move a dresser in there, and with that the room will be packed.

Now, I had intended to take pictures to share here, but the guy who lived in the room before me only picked up his stuff yesterday. The room was full of his things and I didn’t want to take pictures of that.

I’ll definitely take before-and-after pictures when I’m moving in on Sunday. Actually I’m not really moving in yet, I’ll just bring my stuff there and get the computer set up, and then I’ll drive back here because I have an appointment on Monday. Then on Tuesday I’ll leave for Hannover “for good”, and Wednesday will be my first day on the job (I’m so excited!).

Stay tuned for pictures of the room (and the apartment, which is kinda nice)!


4 thoughts on “shoebox

  1. Das ist so spannend – hoffentlich kommst du dazu alles haarklein zu berichten. Ich drück dir die Daumen, das alles gut läuft! Toi Toi Toi!

  2. Hoffentlich fühlst du dich dort trotz der winzigen Räumlichkeit pudelwohl. Beim Lesen fiel mir spontan der Song “Lliving in a box” ein. Allerdings war das kein Schuhkarton, sondern eine cargo box, wenn ich mich recht entsinne. Aber das war wohl lange vor deiner Zeit. ;)
    Während das jetzt deine Zeit sein wird, für die ich dir alles Gute wünsche. :D

    • Danke für die guten Wünsche! :) Und Living in a Box kenn ich! Weiss noch dass ich das Video bei MTV gesehen hab (damals, als da noch Musikvideos gezeigt wurden). Ich glaub, das wird trotzdem nett, ist ja auch nur für den Übergang und es gibt ein Wohnzimmer, ich sitze also nicht in meiner Box fest ;)

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