let’s eat cake

The best part about birthdays, aside from the presents of course, is the cake!

This year I tried 3 new recipes, and I loved them all! I spent all of Sunday in my pajamas and my baking apron and baked away.

The first cake I made was spiced applesauce cake. I saw the recipe on smitten kitchen the other day and decided right away to make it for my birthday.

I also got to use my new Jamie Oliver measuring spoons I got a few days ago:

I bought them for the following reasons:

– they’re pretty

– they were 50% off


The pinch was really the main reason I got them! But I’ve also noticed a really handy feature: There’s magnets in them, so they all stick together. Pretty smart idea, dear Jamie!

But back to the cake. Want your house to smell deeeeeeeelicious? Then make it! It smelled so, so good!

Here it is, fresh out of the oven.

I don’t have a square pan, so I just used a springform pan. It worked just fine! The frosting, however, came out super runny, a problem I often have with creamcheese frosting. And I have no clue why! Should I use Philadelphia instead of the cheap cream cheese maybe? Runny or not, it still tasted really good!

Also on Sunday, I made a chocolate truffle tarte. And yes, it is as good as it sounds!

It doesn’t look all that special when it comes out the oven…

or when it’s out of the pan…

But! This cake, my friends? Heaven on a fork!

This picture doesn’t do it justice, but you might get an idea of how incredibly, deliciously creamy it is:

I had this for breakfast today.

I wish every day could start like this!

The recipe is from a magazine; my mom’s friend and coworker made it a while ago and my mom brought a slice home for me, and I had to have the recipe! I’ll probably make it again soon, and I’ll convert the measurements to share the recipe with you!

On Monday, I also made muffins that taste like donuts. That’s the actual name of the recipe, and it’s true! They did taste like donuts!


When they’re still hot you dip them in melted butter and then roll them in a sugar-cinnamon-mixture (I only did the tops). They were a big hit with my family!

So here’s the table, all ready for my guests to arrive:

This is the only picture I have of the applesauce cake with the frosting.

I was surprised and happy that it didn’t run down the sides of the cake, but maybe that’s thanks to the fridge.

Oh, and the tablerunner?

Linen placemats I sewed a while ago. As pretty as I think they are, I don’t think I’ll make any more (I have 6 right now). The fabric is sooo slippery, which makes it really hard to cut it!

We had the cake in the afternoon, and I later made pizza for dinner. I made the potato leek pizza from the Pioneer Woman cookbook. If you have the cookbook and haven’t made it yet you definitely should! Super yummy, and my family agreed. No leftovers means no picture :)



2 thoughts on “let’s eat cake

  1. Die sehen ja alle zum Anbeißen lecker aus, vor allem dieser Schokoladen-Traum :)
    Deine Gäste hatten es wirklich gut bei dir :)
    Und die Jamie-Oliver-Messlöffel-Kaufidee musste ich sofort aufgreifen ;)

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