pumpkin lights

I needed a little break from all that sewing I’ve been doing lately, so I finally did some pumpkin carving yesterday and today.

This green pumpkin caught my eye between all the orange ones, so I took it home to make it pretty.

Have you ever bought a green pumpkin? I hadn’t, and I wonder if it’s edible?

Inside it was light yellow and looked like melon.

It was pretty easy to gut, and there wasn’t any of that gross slimy stuff. As you can see in the background, I saved some seeds to try to grow my own green pumpkin next year.

Since my mom does a lot of pottery, she has these really handy tools:

Thanks to these, it was really easy to turn the pumpkin into this:

Yeah, looks pretty blah in the light.

But I took it outside and put a candle in it…

And I love it! I made one like this last year, but thanks to ignoring the invention of the tripod back then I don’t have any good pictures of it in the dark.

After carving some Jack O’Lanterns today I also made some small pumpkin candleholders. They’ll be the perfect table decorations for my birthday on Monday.

I took pictures along the way, so in case you wanna make some here’s how to do it:

First, break off the stem.

Note to self: Do your nails!

Use a tealight as a template and make some marks around it with a knife.

With a knife or one of those tiny saws that come in a carving set, cut out the circle along the marks you just made.

Remove it.

You’ll have to do some finetuning now to fit the tealight into this hole. I used a spoon to scrape out the guts and then used the saw the make the hole just big enough for the tealight. You want it to just fit in there, it’s gonna be pretty tight.

Like this:

I made two more, and here they are with the candles lit.

I’m so happy they came out so good! Really love ’em! Definitely worth the blister I have on my index finger now from all that sawing ;)



10 thoughts on “pumpkin lights

    • Danke schön :) Bin ja froh dass es so gut geklappt hat, ich hatte nämlich auch n bißchen Angst, dass das Teelicht in den Kürbis fällt :D

  1. I love your carving ideas and photos. The last picture is beautiful. You really are quite creative and have such a good eye for decor. Nicely done, Jenny!!

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