I made art

Well, it’s not really “art”. But it sounded better than “I made a picture with those free paint swatches from the home improvement store”. But that’s exactly what I did.

Since it’s already fall here and gray and rainy outside, I wanted a warm pop of color in my room.

So I went to the home improvement store to get some of those free paint swatches.

I chose some warm reds and oranges, my favorites for the fall.

I cut them apart and laid them out in a way I liked, then used Scotch tape on the backs to secure them.

And then I simply put the whole thing in a RIBBA frame.

I like how everything is a bit uneven and not perfectly aligned. Makes it more interesting.

So here’s the before…

I moved the chevron print to my nightstand, I still really like it and didn’t want to put it away.

Here’s what that spot looks like now:

I totally love it! I love the picture itself and I love how it adds a great pop of color to the room!

Here’s another look:

I actually like it so much, I’ll definitely make some more.

What do you think?


7 thoughts on “I made art

  1. Very cute. I love the colors you chose. Reminds me of something I saw over at Joi’s…. she did something similar in blues. Great minds obviously think alike.

    (And, I’m loving that it’s free. And, I have enough swatches laying around to wallpaper the house.) ;)

    • I’m a sucker for paint swatches, too! I always take some and always wanted to make something with them. So glad I finally found a way to use them :D

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