catching up

So I had a barbecue  2 weekends ago. I think it was 2 weekends ago, I’m not really sure anymore. It was the weekend before my mom’s birthday, and the last weekend of summer, it seems.

The weather was really nice that day, and I originally wanted to set up the table and everything else in the backyard, on the green-again-thanks-to-all-that-rain-we’ve-been-getting lawn. I decided against it, though, because once the sun sets and it gets dark, the grass becomes kinda wet and cold.

So instead, I decided to set up camp on the patio.

I think it looked really nice! We were only a few people, so our extended patio table was enough space for everyone.

I wanted to make everything look really nice and pulled together, so I went a little crazy and ended up with a color scheme.

For a barbecue. Yeah…

But since I never throw parties I gotta make use of every opportunity I get, right? Plus I think my color palette of soft green, yellow and red looked pretty good!

I bought napkins from IKEA in the 3 colors and used simple brown kraft paper as a table cloth.

If you know me, you know that I love candle light!

I used IKEA’s GALEJ tealight holders for tealights and floating candles, and regular screwtop jars that used to hold storebought tomato sauce and such. Super easy, especially on my wallet!

And look! I matched the flowers to my color scheme!

Yup, they’re dahlias.

I don’t love them. But I think they looked nice! And they were free, thanks to mom’s dahlia plantation in the garden.

Now, these were kinda useless, but I thought they looked really cute!

Mini flags! In the correct colors, of course.

I actually made them from leftover paper that I used to make bunting flags!

I’m loving bunting flags lately!

I came out with more flags than I thought, so I even decorated the “bar”.

Please ignore the test-glass of beer. And imagine a pitcher of homemade lemonade next to the glasses?

Thank you.

So when I bought the napkins at IKEA, I saw these super cheap picture frames.

And I used them to make…


When I made them in photoshop, the colors were a little more saturated. You could still see the yellow and green writing, but it doesn’t really show in the pictures cause it was really pale.

Speaking of food, here’s the burger assembly line.

I used the kraft paper again, which was really convenient cause I used a sharpie to write down things like “olives”, “tomatoes”, and “lettuce”.

I’m just a really caring person and wanted my guests to know what they were putting on their burgers and ultimately into their stomachs. It’s the kinda girl I am.

My lovely friends not only brought me gifts, but they also brought Aperol and some bubbly. So the drink of the night was…

Aperol Spritz! Very yummy, and it matched the color scheme! Extra points for that!

Oh, and look how nice the tealights in the glasses looked once it got dark!

Can’t beat that warm light!

I gotta say, I had a really good time! The burgers and the rest of the food were really yummy.

And it was so good to see my friends, it had been way too long!  I just hope all that traffic on their way home didn’t make them not wanna come here again…


3 thoughts on “catching up

  1. Love it. I’m a big fan of a color scheme, even for a bbq. I don’t think there’s ever a reason not to have a theme. =) And, I am TOTALLY stealing the sharpie on kraft paper idea. Wish I would have seen this before we threw the couples shower last month. This would have been perfect. =)

    • I actually wanted to draw placemats and forks and knifes on the paper that’s on the table, but ran out of time. I saw that somewhere, but can’t remember where. Next time ;)

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