tea and August don’t mix

I’m sorry, but I have to complain about the weather for a moment! Isn’t is supposed to be summer? With, like, sunshine? And warm temperatures? And no rain??

I’m wearing long pajama pants right now. And a cardigan. And socks. Socks! In August!

2 nights ago my mom talked about wanting to take a bath. And she didn’t mean in the pool… The pool, by the way, hasn’t been used in weeks! I think last time we used it was about a month ago. I miss it.

So since the weather has been so bad and cold und just generally yucky, I’ve been drinking tea. You know, like you do in the fall and winter.

But I’m really enjoying my tea. Because my godmother and her daughter gave me the most beautiful GreenGate teapot on Friday:

And it matches the cute teacup I bought a while ago!

They gave me the teapot because my godmother’s daughter and her friends have riding lessons on Fridays. The moms take turns driving them, and it was my godmother’s turn on Friday, but since she was out of town for work she asked me to drive the girls.

And the teapot is how they thanked me :)

You know, I wouldn’t mind driving them every now and then…

I actually really enjoyed it! I stayed for their lesson, and I got to touch some pretty horses, so yeah, I had a good time!

Now if only summer came back! I’m throwing a small party on Saturday, a barbecue to be exact, and I need the weather to be good! I wanted to do it in the backyard, put tables on the lawn (which, thanks to the rain, is a nice lush green again), but I think I’m gonna use the patio instead. It’s open towards the front yard, but my parents had glass elements made with which we can close it off, should the weather be too groos. Let’s hope we won’t need them!


4 thoughts on “tea and August don’t mix

  1. Now, we have been having the opposite in Detroit. It’s been soooooo hot and sweaty! The humidity is horrible! I would give anything to be where you are!

    Awww….so sweet of your god mother for the gift! It is so adorable!

    • Humidity is the worst! Today the sun peeked through the clouds a few times and it was nice and warm, but disgustingly humid. No thanks :D

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