I feel like a rock star today. And I did totally rock the kitchen!

Yesterday, I made Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

And I was so happy and relieved when it finally worked out!

It’s perfect! It’s creamy and smooth, and absolutely no ice crystals in sight.

Even after putting it in the freezer it didn’t become one hard block. It’s still perfectly smooth and creamy.

And guess what?

It’s super delicious! I made half the recipe and used 5 egg yolks, cause they were kinda small. 4 would have been enough, though. It’s not that it tastes overwhelmingly egg-y, but one less might have been nicer.

Today I used the leftover egg whites and made macarons again. After the failure that was my last try, I was hoping these would turn out better.

I took them out of the oven a little earlier this time, and they’re perfect!


I used different almonds this time, without much peel, so the shells came out lighter. And prettier!


I also learned from last time and made them smaller. They’re more equal in size now, and I ended up with many more.


I can’t tell you how proud I am! I’m so darn happy that these came out so pretty!


Oh, and they’re even tastier than yesterday’s ones! They’re crispy on top, but not as crunchy (and hard) as the other ones.

They are a lot of work and require a bit of time, but they’re absolutely worth it!


2 thoughts on “success!

  1. These macaroons are unbelievably cute! I’ve never had a macaroon, but I’m about to jump through the screen and try one!

    And the ice cream? Oh my.

    Can I come hang at your place? ;)

    • I’ve never had macarons before, so I don’t even know if they came out they way they’re supposed to, but they’re pretty and they’re tasty, so I’m happy :)
      So you’re going to Ireland soon, right? It’s not that far from Germany, you know…

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