smells like summer

I don’t have flowers on my nightstand at the moment. Shocker, huh?

The peony didn’t last long, and the other ones are all done as well. They look really sad!

I’ve wanted to put together a little nightstand bouquet, using lavender and some of our pretty roses, but then the other day I went grocery shopping and found a scented candle that was too pretty to pass up on.

It has a very light and nice lemongrass smell, very summery.


At first I thought it was a simple bowl, and I would have taken it anyways. It was just 10 bucks, and once the candle has burned down you can still use the bowl.


I think I’ll use it to store rings or other jewelry in it. Or fill it with water and put a swim candle or a short bouquet in it.

I still put together that rose-lavender bouquet though. I just love having fresh flowers around, and this particular rose is absolutely beautiful!

And since I don’t use that lovely GreenGate milkpot right now, I used it instead of a vase. I think the rose and lavender go really well with the flowers and the shape of the pot. They’re on my desk now.

Oh, and that striped thing you see on the left? Yeah, turns out I did make the curtains! And I love them!

Here’s a before, with the old curtains:

While it was all nice and white and light, I just really didn’t like the curtains. I always thought why make curtains, sooner or later I’ll find a job and move out again. But I had already bought all of the fabric, so I went to work.

And here’s the after:

I absolutely love it! I’m so glad I made the curtains!


It was such an easy transformation, but it makes such a difference! The room looks a lot higher and somehow a little more pulled together with the other graphic things, like the framed chevron pattern and the pillows.

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “smells like summer

    • Yup, that is a baseball bat :D My dad got it for me years ago when we were playing baseball in school cause I pretty much suck at it. I can’t hit a ball and I throw like a girl, but you can’t say we didn’t try :D

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