While the rest of Germany has been watching soccer, I’ve been sewing. I’ve made 2 more bags with patterns I came up with, and I had planned to make curtains.

On one of my many trips to IKEA last month, I saw these:

And last time I went, I bought enough fabric to make them. I would want them for my room, but (and I only just realized this today) my room is tiny and there’s not enough space.

There are curtains on the window right now (don’t like them very much), but the fabric is very thin and light. The IKEA fabrics are all pretty thick and heavy, which is perfect for pillow cases, bags, and usually curtains. But if I make those curtains, they won’t gather as much and nicely as the ones I have now, and I’m afraid they’d just cover the window with nowhere else to go.

So for now I’ll think about it. It’s been such a hot summer here that I can’t really concentrate on anything anyways.

Last year, my mom bought a pool like this one, and we set it up today. The water is a little deeper than knee deep, and I went in it a couple hours ago. I didn’t really swim, just walked around in it, cause it was extremely refreshing (read: cold).

The only thing that’s missing right now?

Ice cold, homemade lemonade.

So for now my plans are making and drinking lemonade, floating around in the pool and reading the books amazon delivered today. And wearing sunscreen!

Happy summer!


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