simple and easy

I think simple and easy, be it a recipe or something else, is often best. I just made this recipe yesterday (how could you resist after seeing that picture?) and oh my, was it ever good! So good, in fact, that I made it again today. I accidentally opened two cans of tomatoes yesterday and said to my mom “Well, we can make the artichoke sauce with it tomorrow” and she replied “Or this one again!”.

But I wanted to show you something else that’s simple and easy, and a DIY-project anyone can pull off.

I made placemats with linen fabric I bought at IKEA. I just used a placemat we already had as my pattern and added seam allowance. Then I cut 6 pieces from the linen fabric and 6 pieces from the white cotton fabric, put one cotton and one linen piece on top of each other with the right sides facing each other and sewed around it, leaving an opening for turning. I turned the right sides out, ironed it and topstitched all around it, which closed the opening.

I used them 2 weeks ago when I had my grandparents over. I made Pioneer Woman’s meat loaf and mashed potatoes, by the way. Delicious!

After my grandparents had left and I had cleared the table, I just stacked the placemats on top of each other and put the flowers that were on the table on top.


Voila! A simple and easy centerpiece, using simple and easy DIY placemats and flowers from our garden.


I love the lavender with the linen, so I decided to just leave it on the table like this.

The vases are from IKEA, by the way (can’t find them online), and they were 0.50€ each! I’ll probably pick up some more next time I go because I think they’re really cute. I really like the green shimmer in the glass.

I’m still sewing, by the way. I came up with 2 patterns for bags that I’m trying now, and I want to make more placemats and curtains. I’m really in the zone!


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