a post with a lot of pictures

My parents are away on a very rainy vacation in Austria, and after wanting to go with them at first I decided to stay home. Almost two weeks of being home alone just sounded too good to pass up on.

And I’m loving being all alone here! I’ve done a lot of sewing, I spread out downstairs with all the fabrics and stuff and have been sewing well into the night.

But with my parents gone, I’m responsible for all the plants and flowers. I’ve been hoping for rain, which we got a bit of today, but mostly the weather has been really nice. So I’ve been outside watering everything, and I wanted my mom to see that there’s no need to worry, I got it under control.

I also wanted her to see how nice the garden looks right now, so here we go.

Here’s what the weather has been like:

Blue skies with a few pretty looking clouds. And sun, of course.


I think this is one of my favorite photos that I took so far. I just love pictures of pretty clouds.


The lavender finally started to bloom, and it’s so beautiful! I took a few pictures over the last few days to see how it developed.

I love pictures with a lot of bokeh like this. I also think pictures of lavender are really nice wall decorations!


Even though we have a lot of lavender, we also have other flowers (didn’t expect that, huh?).

Like my favorites…

Peonies! They’ve opended a lot more, but the weather hasn’t been good today so I’ll take a picture tomorrow.


I love them in this stage:

It was so hard to get this shot, with all the ants on the flowers. What’s up with that anyways?


I think this is the one we took home from my uncle’s garden in Austria last year:

I’m not crazy about this color, to be honest. I like my peonies light pink and white.


Moving on to the front of the house, which is actually the back, but it’s where the front door is so I guess that makes it the front of the house. Make sense?

We have big hydrangeas by the front door, which I also love! My mom cut them back this year cause they were getting really big, blocking the kitchen window, but they will blom anyways.


Here’s a closer look:


The potted plants are doing good, too. Here’s the rose we got last year…


and the agapanthus and that other one…

I should really learn flower names…


The roses by the patio are also starting to bloom, which always look so nice!


But let’s move on to the edible things!

The cherries turned red really quickly! At first there were just a few here and there, but now the whole tree is red!

Cherries look kinda pretty. They would make a nice wall decoration, too.


Here’s a shot of the tree a few days ago. There’s more red (read: red cherries) in it now.


We have a picture from my first day of school, way back in 1990 (now I feel old). I was standing next to tree, and it was tiny compared to today! The tree came to be because our former neighbor, who lived there before we did, used to throw her cherry pits there.


Unfortunately, we probably won’t be getting a lot of cherries.

The birds like them too much.


They don’t even eat them completely, they just take a few bites and then leave the half-eaten cherries on the ground.

…which is why walking barefoot can be a little painful!


Tomorrow I’ll eat this one:

The first strawberry of the year! The second and third one are almost done, too. Homegrown strawberries are the best kind!

To close this post, I have something for my mom.

Something is waiting here for her…

I finally sewed her the apron she was supposed to get for Christmas!


2 thoughts on “a post with a lot of pictures

    • Thank you! Most of the time I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I’ve learned a lot from The Pioneer Woman.

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