it’s beginning to look a lot like…


The weather has been soo nice the last 2 days! Sun, blue skies, and it’s been warm enough to go short sleeved with no jacket!

Also, the poppies are blooming! Unfortunately not all of them are blooming at the same time, and they only look good for a few days, but this sight:

makes me happy! The red against all of the green is so pretty and summery!


Speaking of flowers, here’s my current nightstand bouquet:


Let’s take a closer look:

I think the pink ones are miniature lilacs; they smell so good!


About half an hour after I took these pictures, the lilacs became all droopy and sad-looking! I haven’t removed them yet because they still smell so nice, but it’s a really sad sight.


The snowballs are holding up great though!

I loved them when they were still looking greenish, but now they they’re even prettier!

Since I’m gonna get rid of the lilacs tomorrow I’ll have to find something else to pair them with. Guess it’s time for another walk through our front yard…


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