that’s not white chocolate

I’ve been busy over the weekend. I made chocolates.

On Saturday I made Pioneer Woman’s chocolate truffles with sea salt.

I had some chocolate left, so I melted it and made some chocolate-dipped raspberries.

They were good. We ate them all.

I also made chocolate-dipped mini pretzels.

They were really good! You should try that some time. We ate them all.

And then, I made chocolate-dipped pecans.

They were absolutely delicious! I ate them all…


But back to the truffles. All I can say is YUM! Don’t be afraid of the salt, it tastes so, so good!

When I was making them I left the kitchen for a minute, and when I came back I saw that my dad had stolen one of the “fillings” I was gonna dip in chocolate. I asked him why he hadn’t eaten one that was done, they were in the fridge.

Dad: Oh, the ones with the white chocolate?

Me: ???

Dad (takes them out of the fridge and shows me): These?

Me: That’s not white chocolate…

I don’t know what happened here! I guess the chocolate might have become too hot, even though I used a double boiler.

Or maybe the chocolate wasn’t right? I bought Lindt chocolate cause it’s the good stuff, but maybe it’s not good for melting and baking?

The bottoms look okay though.


And only the first ones came out like this, when I ran out of the Lindt chocolate I added regular baker’s chocolate and they turned out just fine.

And they sure look pretty, don’t you think?


I keep them in the fridge, which is dangerous cause they’re right there, in your face, every time you open the fridge…

But it also gives the chocolate coating a nice crunch.

The filling is firm, because of the fridge, but doesn’t have a hard bite to it, it’s still creamy. Absolutely delicious!


On Sunday, because I didn’t have time for them on Saturday, I made mocha truffles with Kahlúa.


The chocolate coating came out a little too thin, but the inside is awesome!

Creamy and fluffy and just perfect!


They look good, too.

I used regular dark baker’s chocolate to coat these, and I like the glossiness.


Making these was a lot of work and took a lot of time, with cooling the filling before rolling it into ball-like shapes (I used 2 regular teaspoons to shape them which worked just fine).

They don’t look perfect, but they were made with a lot of love.

For the love of my waistline, I’ll have to give most of them away…


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