spraypaint makeover

I’ve come to like spraypainting. After improving my Easter presents that way, I had been looking for something else to do.

So I “recycled” 2 big tin cans:

I cleaned them in the dishwasher, and once dry took them outside to give them a nice coat or 10 of glossy white spraypaint.


Perfect as flower vases or for holding pens, scissors or other utensils.


I actually use a smaller can to hold my scissors:

I’m thinking about painting something on it, like a red “J”, but for now I think I’ll leave it as is.


But back to the big cans.

Once the paint was dry, I used a pencil to make little marks on them. One like this:


and the other one like this:


Then I took them into the basement, where my mom does all her pottery. She’s a dental technician and has some really tiny dremel-like tools:


Usually they’re used for making teeth, but she put them to good use on my sprayed tin cans:

Don’t worry, she’s not missing the mark I made, I actually made another one next to the one you see.

Once my mom had made little holes in the cans I gave them another coat of spray paint.

And now they live on our patio, functioning as tealight holders (small block candles fit in them, too).

I made the smaller one last year using regular paint, but I don’t like the visible brush strokes on it so I’ll stick with spray paint from now on.

And here they are in action last night.



I love them! And it’s great that they were practically free, I just bought the spraypaint which I can use for many more. I have a lot of ideas for patterns in my head, so I’ll probably show you more of these in the future.


3 thoughts on “spraypaint makeover

    • That’s my plan actually, to hang them in our backyard cherry tree. We always have chairs under it in the summer and I love lights in a tree!

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