spring is here

The weather mostly still sucks, but it was really nice and sunny on Sunday.

So I went outside to take some pictures of all the flowers that are starting to show up. I felt something tickle on my finger and thought it was an ant, but it wasn’t:

Hello there, Mr. Caterpillar. I like you much better than ants!


We had an overnight guest last weekend, and he brought a really pretty rose plant for my mom. We still have to find a spot for it, but since most of our other roses didn’t really make it through the long cold winter we had, these should have a permanent home soon:

Aren’t they so pretty? My favorite roses are soft pink, “filled” ones just like these!


I’ll probably cut a few of these and put them in a vase once they’re all blooming.


We already have some small soft pink roses in our garden, and last year I put this together when we had dinner guests:

I just LOVE roses paired with lavender!


I really can not wait for our peonies to bloom! I think they probably won’t for a few weeks, but they’ll be so pretty!


Look, you can already see the teeny tiny blooms:


We have a big bush of guelder roses/snowballs:

They’re sooo pretty when they bloom! They’re white and really look like snowballs. Love them!


These are some of my favorites, too.

As usual I have no idea what they’re called, but they’ll be big and round and purple soon.


I feel like just a few weeks ago it was all gray and sad outside, and suddenly everything turned green!

I didn’t even notice all the leaves showing up on the trees, but I love them now that they’re still a lighter shade of green.


I also cut a few flowers for my nightstand:

Turns out some forget me nots grow pretty tall and actually do look good in vases.


2 thoughts on “spring is here

  1. Jenny, you exist in a world of blooms! You lucky girl!

    That rose arrangement is so lovely and whimsical. Gorgeous. :)

    P.S. Love your polka dot background, here. So sweet. :)

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