the great outdoors

In January, IKEA family started an online community in Germany. You sign up with your IKEA family number and in the community you have a room to decorate with IKEA furniture. Mainly the community is a forum, and there’s always some fun games going on and sometimes even contests.

Right now one of the contests is about your favorite green space. You upload pictures of your patio, balcony etc. (something that has plants and is therefore green, could be your living room if it looks like a greenhouse) and explain why it’s your favorite green space. The users vote for their favorite, and the “best” 3 entries win an outdoor-set.


So yesterday, since the weather was really nice and sunny, I had a little patio photoshoot. I uploaded the pictures in the community today, and I thought why not share them here as well?

Let me just remind you that right now I live with my parents. I’m not too happy about that (obviously, after living by myself for 3 years), but I love our patio!

In the summer we spend a lot of time here! As you can see we built a roof (with windows) over the patio, which allows us to spend time outside even when the weather is not great. It’s almost like having an extra room.


Here’s the dining area. We eat outside a lot in the summer. Breakfast, lunch, dinner…

We also entertain guests outside when the weather is nice. We have a lot of barbecues in the summer, and my mom had her birthday party out here last year.


This is the view from the table:

That’s our front yard, so you’re looking towards the street. There’s a lot of trees and bushes down there, so you can’t see the street, and people walking by can’t see you, which is nice.


Here’s a nice spot to hang out and read magazines.



And here’s the perfect spot to take a nap in the sun…


I can’t wait for warmer weather! While it has been nice during the day yesterday, most days are chilly and windy. And once the sun is gone it gets kinda cold so right now we don’t hang out on the patio in the evenings. But once we do we light a few tealights and it’s sooo cozy!


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