a blast from the past

I went through some old pictures the other day.

The things you find…

Like this one:

While the sunglasses are pretty cool (for a kid, anyways), I absolutely hated those Lederhosen! Seriously, I couldn’t stand them! And even today I just can’t find them cute.

I think this shows how I felt about them. Can you see my pout?


I used to have a gap between my front teeth.

The gap is gone. But what you see in the background is my grandparents’ couch. And that’s still there.

The mullet is also gone, by the way. No need to worry.


Looks like I’ve always liked to bake.

But WHAT is up with the mullet??


Thankfully I eventually got to grow my hair and looked like a girl.

That didn’t make me feel any better when I had chicken pox though.

Just looking at these makes me all itchy. And even though I never scratched I did end up with a few tiny scars. There are a few on my forehead (but you can’t really see them unless you know) and 2 or 3 on my stomach. Could have been worse, I guess.


I was SO miserable (can you tell?). I had chicken pox when we were on vacation, on the campground we used to go to. I had to stay inside and wasn’t allowed to go feed the ponies or play with the other kids and I was so sad!


And finally, here’s a very early one. I love this picture because it’s me, my mom, her mom (my grandma), and my mom’s grandma (my great-grandma).

My great-grandma died when I was 2, I think, but I still kinda remember her. She used to live with my grandparents and always gently poked me with her walking stick when we visited.

Is it even possible for me to remember that? I don’t know, but I do :-)


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