going bananas

I bought some bananas the other day. I had wanted to eat them, but kinda forgot to, and they were getting brown.


So I decided to make banana bread!

I’m going all Pioneer Woman now, showing you pictures of the whole process.



Take a bowl and a fork and put on your baking hat.

Throw the bananas in the bowl.


Take your fork and mash ’em up.


When they’re all mushy, add some sugar.


This looks like a lot…


…and it is.


Depending on how ripe your bananas are, you can use less sugar. Mine looked pretty ripe but really weren’t, so I went ahead with the full load of sugar.

Mix the sugar with the bananas.


Using the fork here gets a little annoying…


so I switched to a wooden spoon.


When it’s mixed nicely, grab an egg.

Please choose one with feathers attached to it!


Crack the egg into the bowl and stir to combine.


This works great with a wooden spoon, but of course you can use a mixer as well.


As you’re mixing all the ingredients together, things are gonna look… well… not so yummy.

But this looks good and you can add the flour now.


Here we go…


…don’t be shy…


…dump it all in there.


The wooden spoon comes in handy again now, as we’re gonna stir it all together.

Looks “good”, huh?


Now for the fun part… melted butter!

Can you go wrong with butter? I don’t think so.


Now it’s time to also add the baking soda and salt.


Stir to combine.


Now. This is where you can pull out your buttered loaf pan and put the whole thing into the oven to bake.


I had some pecans lying around, waiting to be put to good use.

But I only had a handfull, and they were looking rather sad.

So I added some leftover walnuts.

Grab a knife and let the fun begin! Time to go nuts and start chopping!

Actually, chopping nuts is one of my least favorite activities.


When you’re done, add the nuts to the batter, then stir to combine once again.

This is pretty easy, no?

This looks good!


Okay, let’s be honest.


It looks a little… yucky.

But in terms of being mixed together and ready to be baked, it looks awesome!

So go ahead and grab a buttered loaf pan and pour in the batter.


Now, I would have actually used two smaller loaf pans, but didn’t have any of the same size, so I used a bigger one and made one big bread.

It’s gonna take longer to bake this way though. In the recipe it says 50 minutes, but this needed about 65.

But after those 65 minutes…



Not only does your kitchen smell really good now, the banana bread tastes really good, too!

Know what makes it even yummier?

I’ll tell you.

Slice the bread. Take a slice and put it on your plate. Grab a jar of Nutella…

Take a bite.


This is actually one of my hostmom’s recipes that I took home after my Au-Pair-year. I added it to my recipe box over at Tasty Kitchen, and you can find it here.

If you have leftover bananas, go ahead and make it and let me know how you liked it!


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