snow for the new year

I was pretty bummed when all the snow we’d gotten for Christmas was already gone on the 26th.

But it started snowing again yesterday, and it must have snowed all night, because it’s a winter wonderland outside. And I love it!

I also love Pioneer Woman’s 70s action from one of her photoshop action sets. I used it on some snowy pictures I took today:

I tried to get a shot with a bird eating here, but I scared them all away.


As so often when it comes to plants, I have no idea what this cool thing is called.


I really like the look of the berries with the 70s action.


Ha! This one I know… it’s boxwood! And guess what… I like it!


A small boxwood hedge. Can you see the animal prints in the snow? I’m guessing it was a bird.


Peanuts for the birds. Yum.



And finally… people food! It’s a tradition to have these jelly-filled donuts on New Year’s Eve here, so my parents went and bought a few today.

I like the glazed ones better. But mostly because I’m a messy eater when it comes to this…

I still got jelly in my face though…



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