birthday food

I had a really small party for my birthday this year. Just me and 4 friends and some food. I never got to taking pictures of the food when it was all done and nicely arranged, so here’s what I got:


I made antipasti again. I guess it’s my thing. I made carrots…



red bell peppers…






and mushrooms.


Here’s what they looked like all marinated and ready to be eaten (hope you’re not hungry right now):






The carrots were my favorite, followed closely by the mushrooms. I made the antipasti and the lemon-parmesan dip I made for my mom’s birthday the night before the party. I got really ambitious for a minute and wanted to make a peanut dipping sauce from scratch, but ended up buying a bottle of peanut sauce. Good thing I tried it before offering it to anyone, cause that stuff was HOT! I mixed it with peanut butter and leftover creme fraiche from the other dip, so I kind of made it myself. It was really yummy, especially with the chicken skewers my dad made (he wanted to help so I let him make them- under my supervision of course).

My mom also made a tomato-mozzarella-salad because I ran out of time. Just chop up some tomatoes and mozzarella, add balsamic vinegar, olive oil, basil and salt and you’re good to go.


This year I made all the cake for the family part of my birthday myself. I made Pioneer Woman’s carrot cake:



I was too lazy to chop the pecans by hand, so I used this little food processor. I also used it for the carrots this time, which I liked better than grating them. By the way, am I the only one who thinks pecans look like little alien brains?



Yummy frosting.

I don’t have a picture of the finished cake. It was gone so fast.


I also made New York cheesecake. I’ve made that one a few times before and it is so good! Probably has to do with all the cream cheese that’s in it…


Yup, this is 1kg full fat cream cheese! I love that stuff.



Here’s the cake in the oven. I never took another picture, mainly because the cake ended up with a HUGE crack :-(


I also made some simple but very yummy chocolate cupcakes:



I didn’t frost them but I made some royal icing later. They looked really nice. Again, no pictues of the finished product.


And now for my masterpieces: Apple pies!


Looking good before going into the oven…



…and ever better after! And boy did the house ever smell good!!


Unfortunately, I burned baguette slices to death shortly after this. The house didn’t smell so nice anymore after that.


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