Happy Birthday

Thursday was my mom’s birthday. It always reminds me of her birthday in 2004, because that was the day I returned from my Au-Pair year. I had spent the last month travelling with my parents, during which they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary (we were at Niagara Falls that day).

My parents had arranged to throw a surprise party to celebrate my return, my mom’s birthday, and their anniversary (25 years is kind of a big deal). I was completely unsuspecting of the whole thing and utterly surprised, to say the least.

This year, my mom didn’t celebrate in a big way. We had my grandparents and my mom’s aunt over for breakfast. The weather was really nice and we were able to sit outside and enjoy pancakes and scrambled eggs.

In the afternoon two of my mom’s friends came over for cake, and the day before I made a little vanilla cake so my mom would have a birthday cake. It was nothing big or special, so I dressed it up a bit:

birthday cake

Looking good, huh? I frosted the cake with cool whip (Rama Cremefine) that I mixed with seedless raspberry jam. It was sooo delicious! It was hard to limit myself to just one slice, but after all I had already eaten all the leftover cool whip…


In the evening, a couple of my mom’s friends came over for a “ladies night”. In order for my mom to just enjoy having her girls around, I took care of the food: 4 kinds of antipasti (zucchini, red bell peppers, carrots, mushrooms), an avocado dip with crackers, tortellini skewers with lemon-pecorino-dip (the store was out of parmesan), tomatoes with mozzarella, 2 kinds of olives (okay, I bought those), a platter with prosciutto ham, and some bread.

I really intended to take pictures, but the light was pretty much gone when it was time to eat, so here’s all I got:


The raw and cut-up vegetables waiting to be antipastified.



A during picture of the mushrooms. I always find it incredible how much they shrink when you cook them.

Notice the kitchen towel under the pan? That’s what I like so much about induction stoves. It’s so easy to keep clean. No greasy olive oil splatters on the stovetop, and the towel came out completely unharmed (it’s the pan that gets hot, not the stovetop, so even if milk boils over you can just wipe it off).



A really bad after picture of the antipasti, but I guess you get the idea.


tortellini skewers

The tortellini skewers were so good! Everyone said they loved the dip.


My mom was so happy and thankful for my “catering”. By the end of the party, almost all the food was gone, and my mom’s friends all thanked me for the yummy food when they left. It’s nice to know that they enjoyed it, and that my mom had a good time with her girls.


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