before and after: my bed

I finally have a bed with an upholstered headboard! I’ve always wanted one, but when I was moving out of my furnished dorm room in college and into an apartment with a friend, IKEA had just discontinued the upholstered bed they had back then. So I went with the four-poster (which has just been discontinued a few months ago) since I liked it and thought it would be so awesome to sleep in.

Well, I was a little disappointed. The four-poster was not what I had imagined and I kinda didn’t really like it. But I only lived in that apartment, and therefore with the bed, for about 6 months, then had to move back in with my parents and stored the bed in their garage until a year ago, when I finally moved into my own apartment here in Hannover. I had other things to do in my apartment first, but now I finally got rid of the posts and “built” an upholstered headboard!

When I had just moved in, the bed still looked like this…

I also didn’t have curtains, or pictures on the walls.

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so far so good

Things always get worse before they get better, right? At least that was the case with my living room. Last time I posted about it, I had just sold my tall bookcase and spread everything that used to be in it all over my living room.

I thought this was bad, but it got worse when I painted the wall on Saturday…

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